10 Best Health Insurance Companies in San Francisco, California

Discover the best health insurance companies in San Francisco, California. At no time in our lives do we expect an emergency to occur that requires hospitalization among other expenses that may be generated.

For this reason, having health insurance is a necessary measure to protect our integrity and our finances with the same caution. Since, by having the benefits of an insurer we can access a quality medical service paying comfortable monthly premiums.

In general, the monthly payment established by insurers is around 475 USD. But, thanks to the financing programs can be greatly reduced.

These are the best health insurance companies in San Francisco, California

He health insurance has different payment methods, such as reimbursement, maximum payments, monthly premiums, among others in order to promote ease of payment and access to the service.

1.Western Health Plan

10 Best Health Insurance Companies in San Francisco, California

The insurance company Western Health Plan was founded 25 years ago, with the aim of providing the necessary contribution to all the people of San Francisco. Its initial purpose is to offer different users a specialized health plan with affordable prices and the best medical care they can receive.

2. Oscar Health

10 Best Health Insurance Companies in San Francisco, California

oscar is a health insurance agency that stands out for its formidable and simple web platform where you can communicate with advisors and specialist doctors. On the other hand, this is one of the companies with the best reputation thanks to its exemplary services and excellent coverage in each of its plans.

3.Valley Health Plan

Among the best options you will find in the beautiful city of San Francisco, is the insurance company Valley Health Plancharacterized by its excellent affordable plans and good coverage for any medical situation.

Through its website you can have a medical attention line with nurses 24 hours a day, in addition, you will have the prescription drug coverage service among others.

4. San Francisco Health Plan

In San Francisco Health Plan You will find very complete plans from individuals to families who provide you with a complete medical service according to the plan you want. On the other hand, the prices that you will see are very cheap and with different payment methods.

Is health insurance agency constantly works to provide you with the best access to the service, from clinics and hospitals to direct contact with the most outstanding specialists.

5.Sharp Health Plan

10 Best Health Insurance Companies in San Francisco, California

the insurer Sharp Health Plan It is known as one of the best in California, managing to expand throughout the state territory. Thanks to its optimal and quality services, it is a considerable option that, without a doubt, you should evaluate. In addition to providing family and individual plans, it also has Medicare.


10 Best Health Insurance Companies in San Francisco, California

The agency CCHP It provides you with a wide network of services that is not only limited to the essentials such as medical plans, drug coverage, or online care whenever you want. But it also provides you with other free programs in favor of your health such as yoga classes, wellness sessions, sports among others.

On the other hand, you will have Medicare if you have a relative over 65 who has a disability.

7.Care Health Plan

One of the most credible companies in the market and with affordable prices is Care Health Plan. This agency has at your disposal a wide variety of services such as urgent medical attention, emergencies, routine exams, pharmacy service, psychology, visual service, among others.

In addition, this institution offers you very complete plans that they fit in your pocket and real needs.

8. Anthem Blue Cross of California

Anthem Blue Cross of California It is one of the longest-running companies in the market, which gives it an incredible reputation in terms of its medical plans, services, and specialized care.

9.Kaiser Permanente

If we talk about the cheapest health insurance agencies, without a doubt, we have to mention Kaiser Permanente. This company operates with many years of experience in the market, managing to stand out for its prices and services that go hand in hand.

10.Health Net

We end this list with Health Net which gives you the ideal advice so you can choose the perfect plan for you and your family. On the other hand, you can access one of their financing programs if you meet the requirements.

Health insurance in San Francisco, California

The Medical insurance They will help you cover the necessary expenses from the basics to those that are urgent. However, you can participate in programs such as Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ACA to receive a subsidy in case you cannot cover your monthly payment for any reason.

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