10 Famous Celebrities Who Call Huntington Beach Home

Huntington Beach is an iconic Californian coastal city, located south of Los Angeles and north of San Diego. It is famous for its surfing beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and attractive waterfront. It’s no surprise, then, that many celebrities have chosen to call Huntington Beach their home. Here are ten famous celebrities who live in Huntington Beach.

1. Shaun White

One of the most famous Huntington Beach residents is the world-renowned snowboarder and skateboarder, Shaun White. The two-time Olympic gold medalist and thirteen-time X-Games champion grew up in the area and still calls Huntington Beach home.

2. Jennifer Garner

Actress Jennifer Garner moved to Huntington Beach after the birth of her first child in 2005. She and her family have lived in the area ever since, and it’s become her home away from home.

3. Mark Hoppus

Bassist Mark Hoppus of the band Blink-182 is another Huntington Beach resident. He and his wife have called the city home since 2003, and they love the laid-back atmosphere and close proximity to the beach.

4. Jeffree Star

The popular YouTube personality and makeup mogul Jeffree Star is also a Huntington Beach resident. He moved to the city in 2015 and has been living there ever since.

5. Travis Barker

Fellow Blink-182 member and drummer Travis Barker also lives in Huntington Beach. He has been a resident since 2003 and lives with his family in a luxurious mansion.

6. Kim Kardashian West

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West and her husband, rapper Kanye West, moved to Huntington Beach in 2014. They rented a luxurious beachfront property, and while they eventually moved back to Los Angeles, they still have a home in Huntington Beach.

7. Miley Cyrus

Pop star Miley Cyrus and her husband, actor Liam Hemsworth, have been living in Huntington Beach since 2018. They bought a $2.5 million mansion and have been spotted out and about in the area.

8. Tony Hawk

Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk has called Huntington Beach his home since the 1980s. He was born and raised in the area and still lives there with his family.

9. Kobe Bryant

Late NBA star Kobe Bryant and his family moved to Huntington Beach in 1996. He and his wife, Vanessa, bought a mansion in the area and lived there until his untimely death in 2020.

10. Kellan Lutz

Actor Kellan Lutz moved to Huntington Beach in 2016 and has been living there ever since. He loves the city’s laid-back atmosphere and close proximity to the beach.

Huntington Beach is a popular destination for celebrities, and many of them have chosen to call it home. From snowboarder Shaun White to late NBA star Kobe Bryant, the city has been home to some of the world’s most famous stars.