12 Best Chinese Restaurants in Wisconsin

Do you already know where to locate the best chinese food restaurants in wisconsin? In Trabaja we have prepared a list with the most recommended places that you can visit if you want to enjoy all the flavors of gastronomy.

Chinese cuisine is very popular in USAThat is why when searching you can find a wide variety of attractive options. However, for your experience to be complete you should visit only the best. Do not miss this article!

These are the best Chinese restaurants in Wisconsin

If you like to enjoy gastronomy, and you are looking for a place that offers you to live a pleasant moment, then Keep reading! because we are going to show you a list of the best Chinese food restaurants in Wisconsin.


To start the list we can see the option dandan a Chinese food restaurant that is in charge of providing you with the best service and the most outstanding attention. In this way, if you want a new or regular customer, you can enjoy the atmosphere and the cordiality of the employees.

If we talk about your menu we can highlight the delicious dishes, made with fresh ingredients, and of very good quality. For their part, the prices are affordable, and they will provide you with home delivery.

2.Sze Chuan

The 12 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Wisconsin

Sze Chuan It is a restaurant that seeks to captivate you from the first moment you enter the place. Since, through their careful and professional customer service, the staff guarantees you an unforgettable experience. In addition to this, the menu consists of exquisite traditional dishes that you cannot miss.

A plus that this gives you Chinese food restaurant in Wisconsin, are your long-awaited promotions and discounts. However, it is essential to visit the place a little earlier than usual. Given that, the place is famous for it and it tends to fill up fast.

3. Asian Fusion

What are you looking for in a restaurant? Asian Fusion Despite being a small place, it can provide you with exactly what you need to satisfy your palate, and this is because the menu is so wide and vast that you will have multiple options to taste.

If you want to enjoy traditional dishes, good service, affordable prices, and professional staff, I recommend you visit this site.


Chinese Food

We continue with the list of the best Chinese food restaurants in Wisconsin, and it is the turn of fortunea place that beyond surprising you by the variety of its dishes, will leave you in shock once you see the prices that are handled in this place.

if you want to taste delicious recipes and incredible gastronomy at unbeatably low prices I recommend you visit this restaurant.

5. Jing’s

Jing’s It is one of the longest-lived Chinese restaurants in Wisconsinyou can easily be attracted to the restaurant because the atmosphere is very good and quite calm, it is ideal for those people who want to relax a bit after having had a busy day.

On the other hand, the menu of this restaurant is extremely good in tastearoma, proportions and price, so you can enjoy an unbeatable experience.

6. Worst of China

Chinese Food

Among the most popular Chinese food restaurants in Wisconsin, it becomes almost impossible not to mention Worst of Chinabeing like the previous one, one of the places with the most experience in the gastronomic sector.

The menu of this restaurant is amazing, delicious and unbeatable. Since, you will find different traditional dishes that will leave you completely satisfied. Additionally, the attention provided by the staff is the best, making you feel comfortable at all times.

7.China Town Restaurant

Chinese Town Restaurant It is a very quiet place where you can have lunch while enjoying exquisite and traditional dishes. Although the decoration of this restaurant is not outstanding, its recipes are.

In the menu you will find big options such as, ribs in BBQ sauce, Beijing meatballs, wonton soup, black mushrooms with chicken, beef in black pepper sauce, special combos and menus ideal for the whole family.

8. New China Buffet

Do you want to enjoy discounts and delicious dishes? So, if your answer was yes, I recommend you visit New Chinese Buffet. In this restaurant you will find a wide variety of delicious recipes, so if you are new to tasting Chinese cuisine, I suggest you visit this site.

The dishes of this place are colorful, with good proportions, fresh and with affordable prices. Also, customer service is one of the best.

9.China Palace Restaurant

Chinese Food

In Chinese Palace Restaurant you will be able to enjoy a professional and careful service, different options on the menu and a good atmosphere to chat while enjoying delicious dishes.

10. Ya Ya China

One of the most recommended Chinese food restaurants in Wisconsin by its guests is the Ya Ya China, a good place to enjoy different presentations, flavors and aromas. Additionally, you will receive careful customer service in order to provide you with a pleasant and friendly experience.

11. China King Asian Food

Chinese King Asian Food It is a restaurant with a modern concept, where you can enjoy a more private atmosphere. On the other hand, the dishes on this site have an exquisite and attractive presentation that will leave your mouth watering, not to mention that its aromas are captivating.

The attention from the staff is always professional and friendly so you will feel comfortable at all times.

12. Wei’s Chinese Restaurant

To finish with the best Chinese food restaurants in Wisconsin, we have Wei’s Chinese Restaurant a spacious place with a good family atmosphere and delicious dishes waiting for you. The prices that they manage on this site are quite accessible and according to the proportions.

Enjoy the exquisite dishes of Chinese cuisine!

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