5 Websites to get a job as an Online Translator from home

If you like languages, and you are looking for some extra money, you will be interested in the best websites for Get a job as an online translator. Today you are going to know 5 where you can include yourself and obtain good benefits in exchange for translating texts, audios, and other formats. I will explain everything below.

Getting a job as an Online translator What is it about?

For be a translator from home No extensive previous experience is required, however knowledge of other languages ​​is essential. Either as a professional or something basic to translate simple texts or audio.

The most required language is usually English, but there are no limits. As an online translator you can get projects translating in French, Portuguese, and even Mandarin. You should only offer your service according to the language that you best handle.

There are pages that specialize only in translations. I’ll show you 5 websites to get a job as an online translator that will work very well for you. Just pay attention to how each one works, and start including yourself.

1. One Hour Translation

Let’s start with one of the most famous websites for Get a job as an online translator. I speak of One Hour Translation is an international platform that includes thousands of certified translators in more than 100 countries.

To work on this platform, you just have to register, take a test of the language you speak. After the result, they will notify you if you have been selected among the translators, and in a short time you will start receiving projects.

2. Unbabel

I show you now a human translation platform powered by artificial intelligence. Unbabel It has more than 40,000 translators and is available for 28 different languages. This page differs from others because it relies on an AI content generator to improve the process.

Registering is easy. you enter Unbabel, you put your personal data, you choose the language and the level in which you are. They will send you some tasks to evaluate you and, after 24 hours, they will inform you about the result, and the level in which you have finished.

3. Translators Base

Another excellent website for get a job as an online translatoris Translators Base the platform has 600,000 translators around the world, and hundreds of thousands of active projects.

The modalities to work on this website are: Project outsourcing, freelance membership, agency membership or web translation. You can choose the one that works best for you.

4. Gengo

Now you must meet Gengo because for get a job as an online translatorThis is one of your best options. The platform works together with large companies in the world, and if you want to be part of its group of translators, you must register and take a test with the languages ​​you handle best.

You can be chosen as a standard, professional or Pro translator. Everything will depend on the level you manage, and those levels will define the type of projects and the remuneration you will receive for each one.

5. ProZ.com

Last but not least, we will talk about ProZ.com. One of the largest agencies for get a job as an online translator. This platform works as a job portal, only for freelance translators. It has more than a million translators and companies dedicated to translation. In addition to having a portfolio of important clients.

You can register as a personal translator, or as a company: Registration is quick and does not require credentials to access. The goal of the page is to benefit people who need translations, while helping translators to broaden their experience with various projects, as they have one of the largest communities.

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