Clinics That Accept the Houston Gold Card!

Clinics that accept the Houston Gold Card or Golden Card They are widely known in the United States. These cards are available through the Harris Health Financial Assistance Plan. It is well known that it is one of the best known medical assistance programs in the United States.

You have to fill out an application first before you get the Houston gold card, once it is approved you can use it in some clinics in the United States, if you do not know which ones continue reading the article because here you will know the clinics that accept the gold card.

Some hospitals accept the Houston Gold Card

Fortunately, the Harris Health program can provide you with help in a couple of hospitals, which are:

1. Ben Taut Hospital

Clinics that accept the Houston Gold Card

Ben Taut Hospital one of the best-known hospitals in the United Stateshas at its disposal one of the best medical centers of all, in addition to having the best intensive care facilities in the entire country, in addition to having a high-quality trauma department.

On the other hand, it has a great diagnosis and treatment of even the most acute diseases.In addition, the doctors in this hospital specialize in different branches, such as cardiology, ophthalmology or dermatology, Ben Taut is a really huge hospital and has around 450 beds available for patients.

2. Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital

Lyndon B. Johnson this is a hospital that specializes in different diseasessuch as the most dangerous, it has some 210 beds available for patients and also a wide range of medical care services, such as intensive care, care for babies or maternity, the Lyndon B. Johnson is a hospital that receives annually to 75,000 patients in emergency situations.

specialty clinics

One of the best-known medical service networks in the United States is the specialty clinicsof which stand out:

1.Smith Clinic

Clinics that accept the Houston Gold Card

Smith Clinic This is an outpatient clinic, Smith Clinic is the best option for people who need a specialist doctor, It provides patients with consultations, laboratory tests, diagnoses, even imaging. If you want to know more about them you can check their website and see everything they can offer you.

2. Harris Health Dental Center

Dental Center Harris Health Dental Center Harris Health’s dental clinic is very well received in the United Statesand it is not for less because it has one of the best facilities in the entire country, it also has excellent services available such as revision, extraction, implants, among others.

3.Quentin Mease

Quentin Mease: It is an ambulatory care center specialized in urgent clinical services, not satisfied with that, it also has a rehabilitation center for people who have a strong addiction to something, it has occupational and language therapies, it should be noted that it has different and varied private rooms to treat the cases of patients individually without having to being waiting.

4. Bayland Geriatric Health Center

Bayland Geriatric Health Center: This is a geriatric health center, as its name indicates, which is in charge of evaluating the elderly, even providing treatment for diseases or injuries for the elderly.

5.Riverside Dialysis Center

Clinics that accept the Houston Gold Card

Riverside Dialysis Center: Specializes in proper care for patients with kidney failure or problemshas state-of-the-art equipment available, this is something important since they can do dialysis and hermodialysis sessions.

Primary care clinics

In turn, primary care clinics are an excellent option when it comes to healthAlthough there are some that accept the Houston gold card, which are:

1. Cypress Health Center

Clinics that accept the Houston Gold Card

Cypress Health Center: Provides high-quality primary care and medical services for children and adults, in addition to treatments of different diseases, exclusively for the inhabitants of the north or northwest of Houston.

2. Danny Jackson Health Center

Danny Jackson Health Center: Your primary medical care is really good, you have treatments for some chronic and acute diseases, it is available for children and adults.

3. Casa de Amigos Health Center

Casa de Amigos Health Center: Primary medical care is specialized for children and adults who live in North Houston, provides obstetric services, has a pharmacy and a laboratory.

4. Goose Creek Health Clinic at San Jacinto Elementary

Goose Creek Health Clinic at San Jacinto Elementary: They offer preventative care, or even for the most acute conditions, provides help to children and adolescents, the service offered is lead, vaccines, vision and hearing tests.

5. Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center

Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center: Provides high-quality medical care for newbornschildren and adolescents, have pulmonary care, weight control, behavioral therapies, psychiatry, rheumatology.

Southside Health Clinic at Galena Park Community Resource & Training Center: The preventive medical care they provide is for children and adolescents who live near the Galena Park area, in addition to this, they also provide lead or anemia screening, ophthalmology, vaccinations, and foot tests.

7. Martin Luther King Jr. Health Center

Martin Luther King Jr. Health Center: They provide excellent medical services for children and adultsthey have primary and pediatric care, gynecology, X-rays and even mammograms, it should be noted that it is only available to the inhabitants of southeast Houston.

Now that you know some clinics that accept the Houston gold card, don’t waste any more time and go to one of them in case you have any illness or someone close to you may be sick.

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