Free Online Courses]Get to know the best Pages!

You live in a world where you need to be in constant learning, that is why the free online courses they are so required. You don’t always have the budget, or you just want to look for the easiest option. So get ready and know the best pages so you can start learning at no cost.

Let’s start with “Learn for free”, a famous Spanish page where you can acquire free online courses, and with a wide variety of themes. They have more than 2,200 courses available. In it you will find tutorials, guides and manuals to learn everything on your own and, also, at no cost.

The material is direct from famous academic institutions, which indicates that it has validity and good sources. If you want to access the page, just enter here: Learn for free

This page of free online courses It is among the most famous, and preferred by many. The motto is to provide accessible education to many people, which is why they present courses at no cost.

Why is it a featured page? Because Coursea offers content in conjunction with great universities in the world, and has varied academic areas that are taught in different methodologies.

Access the page here: Coursera

Another excellent page to find free online courses, it’s Edx. The platform was launched by prestigious universities in the United States, including Harvard. It also has multiple academic options that you can access.

Enter here and learn more: EdX

4. Duolingo

Doulingo is a website that is mainly dedicated to language courses. In it you can find different options, such as English, French, Italian or Portuguese. If you like languages ​​and are looking for free online courses, This page is for you. Also, it has a pretty attractive interface.

Access it here: Duolingo

5. UniMOOC

UniMOOC is dedicated to generating free online courses for entrepreneurs. Its entire system and theme are focused on helping these types of people grow with their businesses, providing valuable knowledge and tools.

You can access here: UniMOOC

6. get active

Some don’t know her but get active is a website of free online courseslaunched by Google, with the purpose of giving many access to more information related to the digital world.

With this website you can learn about digital marketing, online security, web development, codes, productivity, digital skills, among other areas.

Access here and learn more: activate

7. codecademy

The next page shows us different free online courses related to programming. With Codecademy you can learn different programming languages ​​for free, such as HTML or CSS.

If you want to know more, access here: Codecademy

8. Khan Academy

This website is focused on free courses to learn mathematics. It was launched by Salman Khan with the aim that more people in the world could access mathematics in a more practical way.

On the page you can create your own learning routine, thanks to the different methodologies that are available, and in different areas such as algebra, calculus, or trigonometry.

Learn more by accessing here: Khan Academy

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