How long does Bank of America take on deposits and transfers?

In the United States, there are many banking entities that have gained great international recognition, due to the excellence of the services they offer. Among the best-known American banks in the world, is the so-called ”Bank Of America”which offers a large number of options regarding trading operations.

Among the services offered by this corporation, is making international transfers. It is precisely this operation that we will share with you on this occasion. Keep reading and you can learn several facts regarding this matter. It should be mentioned that Bank Of America offers services regarding savings accounts, checking accounts, home loansautomobiles, among other goods, credit cards, among many other operations that guarantee efficient transactions.

Estimated time of transfers in Bank Of America

The time that this entity takes to make deposits depends on the operation that is carried out. If the payment is made from a Bank Of America account to another of the same bank, the transfer is made instantly. In the event that payments to accounts in other countries, usually done in one or two daysdepending on the entity that receives the money.

In the event of any kind of delay, it is advisable to contact Bank Of America customer service, to notify what happened and wait for a possible solution. This type of query can be made by calling the following number: 00 1 315-724-4022. This entity has operators who can clarify doubts during the 24 hours of the day.

Ways to make a deposit through Bank Of America

There are several methods to make payments through this bank. One of them is go to one of the offices and make the deposit, using a check On the other hand, these types of transfers can also be done much faster through the official Bank Of America website.

Another of the options that you can choose to carry out this type of operation is to use the application for mobile devices. This App has the name ”Bank Of America Mobile Banking” and it can be used both on devices with the Android operating system and on cell phones belonging to the Apple corporation.

Requirements to open an account at Bank of America

If you still do not have an account in this well-known bank, it is convenient that you take into account the requirements they request in order to open one without any inconvenience. Among these requirements is living in the United States and providing the bank with the exact address of the place where you currently reside.

In addition to this, you will have to submit various identification documents such as a photograph, ID, foreign passport, US visa, driver’s license, among others. To schedule an appointment at one of the Bank Of America branches, all you have to do is go to the website of the financial institution and make the request.

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