Discovering the Political Ideology of Gresham, Oregon – Is it a Liberal City?

Gresham is the fourth largest city in Oregon, located just east of Portland in Multnomah County. Gresham is known for its diverse population and vibrant economy, but is it a liberal city? This article will explore the politics of Gresham and provide an answer to this question.

Political Climate in Gresham

Gresham has a strong history of progressive politics, with its local government being controlled by Democrats since the 1970s. The city is currently represented in the Oregon House of Representatives by Democrat Andrea Salinas and in the Oregon Senate by Democrat Laurie Monnes Anderson. In the 2018 midterm elections, Gresham residents voted overwhelmingly for progressive candidates, with an estimated 65% of voters supporting Democratic candidates.

Gresham is also home to many progressive organizations, including the Gresham Indivisible group, a local chapter of the national Indivisible organization which advocates for progressive policies. In addition, the city is home to the Gresham Peace Center, a non-profit which focuses on peace and social justice issues.

Economic Issues in Gresham

The city of Gresham has a high rate of poverty, with approximately 17.5% of residents living below the poverty line. The city also has a high unemployment rate, with an estimated 8.6% of residents unemployed in 2019. In addition, Gresham has seen an increase in homelessness in recent years, with an estimated 4,000 people living without permanent housing in 2019.

The city of Gresham has taken steps to address these economic issues, such as increasing funding for affordable housing, expanding access to healthcare, and providing job training and other resources for those in need.


In conclusion, Gresham is a liberal city with a strong history of progressive politics and a focus on economic issues. The city has taken steps to address economic issues such as poverty and homelessness, and is represented in the state legislature by progressive candidates. For these reasons, it can be concluded that Gresham is a liberal city.