Discover the Liberal Culture of Roseville, California

Roseville, California is a great city with a diverse population and range of activities. This city in Placer County, just northeast of Sacramento, is known for its great schools, parks, and entertainment. But what is its political leaning? Is Roseville California a liberal city?

Roseville California Political Trends

In the 2016 presidential election, Roseville voted in favor of the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, by a margin of 54.3%. It is safe to say that the city leans Democratic. But what about the local level?

In the 2018 California gubernatorial election, Roseville voted in favor of the Democratic candidate, Gavin Newsom, by a margin of 52.9%. This is in line with the overall trend in the state, where Newsom won by a wide margin.

The city also voted in favor of Prop 64, the initiative to legalize recreational marijuana, by a margin of 54.7%. This was higher than the statewide vote, where the initiative passed by a margin of 57.1%.

Local Government

The City Council of Roseville is composed of seven members, all of whom are elected by the people. As of 2019, the council is composed of four Democrats and three Republicans.

The mayor of Roseville is also elected by the people, and as of 2019, the mayor is a Democrat.


Based on the data, it is safe to say that Roseville California is a liberal city. The city has voted in favor of Democratic candidates in recent elections, and the local government is composed of a majority of Democrats.