List of low income clinics in Las Vegas

In the United States, clinics are quite efficient, but they can be quite expensive at times. However, we have a list where you can get low income clinics in las vegasin which the prices of consultations and medicines are more affordable, because their main objective is to help the most needy people.

One of the places where you can find low-income clinics is Las Vegas. If you are in that place or are thinking of traveling there, you need to continue browsing this information. In this article, we will share a list of clinics with low prices or free services that are located in Las Vegas.

List of low income clinics in Las Vegas

1- The City Impact Center

List of low income clinics in Las Vegas

The City Impact Center This health center is one of the best known in Las Vegas, because it has specialists in various areas of health. Hours of operation end at 9:00 p.m.. This clinic has a number that you can contact to request any type of information you require. That number is +1 702-888-4242.

2- Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada

Volunteers in Medicine of Southern Nevada This clinic only accepts people who do not have any type of health insurance. Services are totally free and according to the testimony of many people who have attended, the professionals are quite prepared and the attention is quite pleasant.

This health center is open from Monday to Friday and has its own laboratory. Added to this, It has professionals who provide free advice on nutrition issues. It should be noted that the attention in this health center is carried out only in the English language.

3- Nevada Health Centers Mammovan

List of low income clinics in Las Vegas

Nevada Health Centers Mammovan In the case of this health center, both people without insurance and those who have one are accepted, which is insufficient to cover the medical expenses they require. The range of prices that this clinic manages is based on the income level of the person request medical attention.

This clinic is specifically located in Clark County. It is necessary to mention that this health center uses its services exclusively for women.

4- Huntridge Teen Clinic

huntridge In this clinic, they only receive people who do not have health insurance. All the services they provide are free.. Among the areas they serve are general medicine and dental services. This medical center has its own website, where much more detailed information can be obtained.

In addition, they also have a telephone call service, through the following number: 702-732-8776.

Community Outreach Medical Center One of the greatest benefits offered by this health center has to do with the fact that they have Spanish-speaking staff. The costs of consultations and treatments are quite low. Besides this, The services offered by this clinic are quite extensive..

Among the services they offer are HIV tests, gynecology and pediatrics.

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