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Signing in to American Express can be tricky, we are probably not adapted to doing everything online but rather going to a face-to-face office. However, do not worry, here you will know how to log in to American Express and much more.

If you have no idea how to log in to American Express, it is best that you continue reading this articleyou will know how to do it and other things, for example how to register.

How to log in to American Express from the phone?

To log in to American Express from your phone you must first download its application for mobile devices, is available at Android, iOS, iPhone or iPadwhen you have done it you have to open the application.

As it is your first time logging into American Express from the phone you have to read and accept the User License Agreement, this is the first thing we will see when opening the application.

You must correctly type your username and password with which you created your American Express account, this is the same when you want to log in from another device such as a computer.

If for some reason you do not have your username and password data or you have forgotten them, do not worry because you can easily recover them or even create new data, all this from the home screen in the American Express application.

American Express has a limit of 3 attempts to log in, if all 3 attempts fail then American Express will block your account, to unlock it you will have to go to their website and follow the steps indicated.

When you log in on your phone you will receive a text message with a verification code at the time of login, the purpose of this is for American Express to make sure that it is you who logs in and not someone else.

Login to American Express from PC

To log into American Express from PC you must go to its website and once there you will see a section where you must write your username and password.

You have to write the username and password correctly, otherwise you will not be able to log in and in fact if you fail more than 3 times American Express will block your account.

Once you log in to American Express from the PC you can see all your bank movements and others very easily and be there as long as you want since the application for mobile phones only lasts 5 minutes, plus you can see how much balance you have on the card.

Unlike the American Express app for phones, the PC version looks quite comfortable and is very easy to use, with just a few minutes there you can do a lot of things easily.

How to register in American Express?

Sign in to American Express

To register with American Express you have to have a credit card, with this you will associate said card to your new American Express account, once you have this you must go to their website at and click on the section where it says ‘Register ‘.

In the event that the cardholder is another person, when creating an account with American Express you must have some personal information such as the cardholder’s date of birth, in the same way you must provide your personal information to correctly continue with the process.

When you already have the account you have to confirm a security code that will arrive on your phone through a text message.

Finally, you will be able to access American Express and see your account at all times, whether on the computer or using its application for mobile devices, allowing greater accessibility to all users.

How to reset my password and set a new one?

You can do this in two ways, on the computer or with the smartphone app.

With the phone application you must follow these steps:

  • Open the app.
  • Sign in so you can access the account.
  • In the login section, under the form you have to click on ‘I forgot my username or password’
  • You must write the 15 numbers of your digital card
  • Then you have to write your user with 4 digits of your card, this will be your password.

Finally when you have done this correctly click on ‘Continue’ and follow the steps to complete the new password.

To do it through a computer you must do this procedure:

  • Visit the American Express website.
  • Go to the ‘I forgot my username’ section and follow the login form.
  • Once you are there enter 15 numbers of your digital card and then the user must have 4 digits of the card.
  • When you have done this, you have to click on continue and you have to follow the steps that are shown on your computer screen to complete the process of resetting the password.

You will now be able to use your new password at all times.

How to increase the security of my American Express account?

The best thing you can do to increase security is by using SafeKeyis an application associated with American Express that has many ways to have accounts with a high level of security, in fact they are anti-fraud so you can already imagine the great security that it offers to all customers.

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