Subway restaurants near my location in the USA

Live in USA and you are looking for a place to eat delicious sandwiches? Then keep reading the article as we will show you Subway restaurants near me.

In addition to sandwiches, Subway offers other exquisite meals such as pizzas by the slice or sandwiches. Taste the entire menu that they have available for you. you can also see KFC near me.

Directory of Subway restaurants near me

If it’s about Subway restaurants near me You should know that in the United States you can find many branches. For this reason, we bring you a directory with restaurants that are in your area.

City Address Name Phone
Step 1201 Bob Hope Dr Suite A, El Paso, TX 79936, United States subway +1 915-790-2549
Saint Anthony 1115 SE Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78214, United States subway +1 210-932-9296
Austin 500 E Ben White Blvd Bldg D, Suite 500, Austin, TX 78704, United States subway +1 512-707-0778
houston 6701 Hillcroft St C, Houston, TX 77081, United States subway +1 713-776-1898
Dallas 1710 W Mockingbird Ln Suite A, Dallas, TX 75235, United States subway +1 214-630-7999
Bexar 240 E Houston St, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States subway +1 210-224-2523
The Angels 800 N Alameda St Unit K-2, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States subway +1 213-687-8757
New Jersey 2866 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07306, United States subway +1 201-798-5959
NY 341 W 42nd St, New York, NY 10036, United States subway +1 212-991-8945
Miami 5789 NW 7th St, Miami, FL 33126, United States subway +1 305-264-0363
Orlando 6304-B ​​International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, United States subway +1 407-398-6418
Hialeah 1302 W 49th St, Hialeah, FL 33012, United States subway +1 305-362-4437
Saint Joseph 475 E San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95112, United States subway +1 408-288-5676
San Diego 1111 Sixth Ave Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92101, United States subway +1 619-702-7885
San Francisco 147 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States subway +1 415-563-7827
Orange 691 S Main St Suite 130, Orange, CA 92868, United States subway +1 714-560-0100
Saint Bernardine 707 W 2nd St, San Bernardino, CA 92410, United States subway +1 909-384-8168
Phoenix 2817 N ​​Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85004, United States subway +1 602-264-5626
Chicago 750 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654, United States subway +1 312-337-3030
Atlanta 250 Park Ave W NW Space #4, Atlanta, GA 30313, United States subway +1 404-522-6182
Fort Worth 1001 Jones St, Fort Worth, TX 76102, United States subway +1 817-810-9694

How to find Subway restaurants near me?

Subway restaurants near my location in the USA

Today, thanks to technological advances, it is possible to find Subway restaurants near me more easily than before.

To make it possible, you just have to use some search tools that we will provide you:

Google Maps It is the most used tool to find any place in the United States, many people around the world turn to it if they want to find a place.

google maps It is very easy to use, since you only have to write the name of your city and in a few seconds you will see a large number of results.

In addition, it provides you with very useful information, such as the address, telephone number and user opinions.

MapQuest is another tool that can be of great help in locating Subway restaurants. It is considered a great alternative to Google Maps, this is because they work in the same way when locating a site.

That is why MapQuest will help you a lot to find any Subway restaurant in the United States.

Yelp It is a very useful tool if you want to find any Subway restaurant, since you will see the areas where these restaurants are located.

It should be noted that you can read a review of that place. Likewise, there are comments from people, so you will know if it is worth going to the site or not.

Find Subway restaurants near me

Subway restaurants near my location in the USA

The United States has many headquarters Subway restaurants near me in each city you can get more than one branch. It is for this reason that we bring you some areas that have Subway.

First, you have Miami. This city in southeast Florida has several restaurants subwaythere you will see that many of them offer the highest quality in everything.

For example, the customer service is very good, the menu is spectacular as are the sandwiches, the delicious drinks and the prices that are affordable for people.

It is important to note that Miami is an area where there is a large presence of Latinos, thanks to which you can find staff who speak Spanish.

Another city where you can find several restaurants subway It’s San Francisco. In Northern California it is possible to see several Subway branches, with San Francisco being the most notable.

You will have the chance to eat the most delicious sandwiches in the area, including the so-called submarines.

In addition to that, if you want to eat at home you can also do it, because they offer home delivery and at a low cost.

We return to the state of Florida, but this time in the center and more specifically in Orlando. The city has several restaurants subway and all of excellent quality, such as the menu, customer service, in general all the service offered to customers.

For lovers of sandwiches in Orlando, they must go to one place and that is Subway, the best thing is that it is easy to do so because of its many locations within the city.

The state of New Jersey has a huge number of restaurants subway, you can easily find out in each of the cities. The city with the largest number of Subways is Jersey City, located in Hudson County.

The sandwiches are some of the best in New Jersey, but not everything stops there, the menu also has large portions of pizza, salads or customizable dishes.

One of the cities in Texas with the largest number of restaurants subway it’s Houston. In several areas of Houston there is a Subway branch, so it will not be very difficult to find one of them.

Another aspect to take into account is the services offered in each place, the menu is full of the most delicious sandwiches, while there are lower prices than most of its competitors.

That is why Houston is the ideal place if you want to eat sandwiches in different presentations.

New York is another city which has a huge number of restaurants subwayin every corner you will see this restaurant.

Each of these places are always packed with customers, this is due to the exquisite sandwiches that are available on the menu.

Although the best of all is that you are likely to find offers. In addition, the customer service is magnificent, since if you have any questions regarding what to order on the menu, you can ask one of their employees.

Among the last cities that we recommend you can go to Phoenix. If you live in Arizona and want to eat the best sandwiches, then you should go to Phoenix, because this city has several restaurants. subway.

In addition, the best of all is the menu, there are sandwiches in all presentations, the most requested being the submarine type.

On the other hand, if you want to eat something healthier, Subway offers portions of salads and natural juices.

We end the list with Hialeah, since the city has several branches of subway. Most of these offer clean and tidy facilities.

While the staff is very good and there may also be some employee who speaks Spanish.

Lastly, the menu is great, because there is a wide variety of sandwiches and other foods.

If you are a sandwich lover, don’t miss out on going to a Subway restaurant.