The 10 Best Cheap Car Insurance in Irvine CA

The best cheap car insurance in Irvine CA They offer budget-friendly options for drivers in this city, which is part of Orange County, and the area is becoming more populated as the years go by.

So in this city there are frequent traffic jams, so it is advised that you take more time to reach your destination and make sure you have good auto insurance with adequate coverage. The median price for auto insurance in Irvine is $212 per month or $2,544 per year. Which is why it costs $35 more than the average cost of auto insurance in California.

The 10 Best Cheap Car Insurance in Irvine CA

The average price of auto insurance in this city can vary depending on where the driver lives. Here we offer you a variety of cheaper insurance, among which we find the following:

1.- infinity

Infinity is a car insurance company owned by Kemper, representing a non-standard insurer and the 12th largest car insurance company in the United States. This company sells auto insurance in California only, primarily through independent insurance agents. In addition, it offers commercial vehicle policies

In this sense, This company is one of the best cheap car insurance, since it offers different types of discountssuch as: The discount for multiple collision, discount in the improvement course for mature drivers, they offer a good discount for students, loyalty discount, discount for new customers, owner discount, among others.

2.- Mercury Insurance

Mercury Insurance is an average insurer based on MoneyGeek’s ranking methodology. It is one of the best cheap car insurance. Presents a good score in terms of complaints, financial stability and discounts. The auto insurance company provides insurance against mechanical breakdown as a supplement, this is not common among insurers.

3.- AAA

AAA, known primarily for its Auto Club memberships, also offers insurance to members in most states. AAA auto and homeowners insurance rates are cheaper, but you’ll get the most benefits if you’re already a member of AAA Auto Club or want to join.

That comes with a fee, however the resulting auto insurance discount can be very rewarding and satisfying for the driver.

4.- nationwide

The 10 Best Cheap Car Insurance in Irvine CA

Nationwide is a great company that has been in business for almost 100 years. It offers many insurance products and different coverage options.

In addition, although the rates of this insurer in some cases are not the cheapest in the market, this company offers discounts that are more within your reach. So go ahead and contact this company that is an excellent option for your reliability.

5.- Geico

Geico has a MoneyGeek score of 85 out of 100, making it one of the highest-rated insurers based on our methodology. This is one of the best cheap car insurance in this city.

In addition, the company scores well on customer satisfaction, stability, and discounts. It also offers affordable policies for drivers of all backgrounds, plus breakdown assistance, unique add-on coverage, and various discounts.

6.- USAA


USAA is one of the best cheap car insurance and is one of the highest rated, managing a score of 81 out of 100 on MoneyGeek. In addition, USAA has an excellent track record for financial stability, customer satisfaction, affordability, and claims.

But it has a low discount rating and is only available to current and former military members. So this company offers an inexpensive option, especially for young drivers, where it gives you comprehensive coverage.

7.- esurance

Esurance scored 78 out of 100 according to MoneyGeek’s methodology, classifying it as an average insurer. This company scores highly on stability and affordability, and also offers policies that are neither cheap nor expensive for drivers of all types and offers custom parts coverage.

8.- Hartford


Hartford is an average insurer based on MoneyGeek’s rating methodology, and also scores excellent for complaint resolution and it is above average in terms of financial stability. However, it receives average scores for affordability, customer satisfaction, and discounts. So go ahead and contact this insurer!!!

9.- travelers


Travelers is one of the best auto insurers with a MoneyGeek score of 82 out of 100. This company is excellent in terms of financial stability and discounts. Travelers is considered neither cheap nor expensive for full and minimum coverage, as a teenager or with a moving violation, and provides a hybrid discount.

10.- farmers

Farmers has a MoneyGeek score of 60 out of 100 and ranked as a below average insurer based on our analysis. This insurer scored very well in terms of complaints and stability. In addition, this company offers additional coverage for custom parts, modification of the glass deductible and original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

It also offers a large number of auto insurance discounts, which can help lower annual costs, where the exact amount of the discount per package depends on your state and policy type, but you should expect to save around 20%.

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