The 15 best pages to buy used things in the USA

If you are looking for the best pages to buy used things in the USA, then you came to a good place because we have great recommendations. These are second-hand websites and spaces with very good prices.

Used items are also highly sought after, as many are offered as new and at better prices. There are pages dedicated only to this type of product and we will help you discover the best ones.

These are the best pages to buy cheap used things in the USA by Internet

Among all the options, these 15 pages to buy used things in USESThey will give you a good experience. After researching, we decided that they are the ideal ones so that you can acquire anything. Let’s meet them!

1. ThredUP

Pages to buy used things in the USA, ThredUP ©ThredUP

We start with ThredUP, It is considered one of the most famous used clothing markets in the United States. Here you find many luxury clothes and things at a very good price. Take a look and find what you want.



swap is characterized by being another of the pages of used things and clothes more important. There are many types of accessories, and even some are almost new, but you get them at a much more reasonable price.


Amazon it’s a big market, and here you find new products of any kind. But it also has a special section for used things. Just search for what you need and you will find hundreds of options to choose from.


eBay ©eBay

In eBay you can also find many treasures. This virtual market is the second most used in the United States, and sells used items of all kinds, as well as new and latest releases. Take a look at all the options.

5. Vinted

Now we have to Vinted, One of the best pages to buy used things in the USA. Her specialty is clothing, and you can access it from anywhere in the world. Even if you want to sell, you can send your products.


Of pop is another excellent space for buy second hand items. It is less mentioned than the previous ones, but it has been recommended by several users. If you are looking for good clothes, shoes and other things, enter this website.

7. Tradesy

Tradesy ©Tradesy

Tradesy It has many exclusive accessories and outfits, the difference is that its prices are much lower for being second-hand. The truth is that you find a variety of good things and even important brands.


swappaUnlike the previous ones, it is not a page that focuses on clothing and accessories. This website allows you buy new and used technology products with reasonable prices. Enter and discover everything there is.


Now we continue with gazelle, another good option to buy technology items, especially phones, used and with good prices. There are many makes and models available, so go inside and find out the one you like best.

10. Craigslist

craigslist ©Craigslist

To finish we have Craigyeslista page that works as directory, there are all kinds of things here, including a section for used items. Enter and investigate everything you need, because it is managed according to the location you have.

11.Facebook Marketplace

You will find thousands of second-hand products. Facebook It is very popular when looking for clothing, computers, consoles, Apple products, shoes and gaming components.


etsy is a website dedicated to electronic commerce, its members can get everything at very low prices. You can find rings, books, toys, vintage, bracelets, necklaces, home decoration, among other things.

13. Mercary


Mercari This Japanese company sells many used products, among which are women’s clothing, watches, baby clothes, videos, games, among other things.


Geebo is an English language only directory, offering used stuff like: Accessories, Merchandise, Musical Instruments, Furniture, Collectibles/Art and more.


poshmark is an American marketplace where users can buy and sell sneakers, new and used clothing, accessories, and more.

These have been the 15 best pages to buy used things in the USA. Many of them are complete markets, others specialize in fashion garments and even good quality technology.

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