What are the shares of a company? How are they bought?

The shares of a company are one of the most certain modalities to be able to make investmentsThis is how many opt for this certain and safe form of savings in order to obtain passive income in the long run. If you are interested, then continue reading.

What are the shares of a company?

The shares of a company correspond to an aliquot of ownership of the same, that is to say, that each time you acquire a share you become the owner of it in the proportion of the share acquired.

But beyond that, the actions become ways of maintaining a company, in addition to the income it earns from its own activity. What does this imply? That every company segmented its entire company into shares that it puts up for sale, to use that money for its own benefit.

In the case of the USA, business actions are denoted by the name of shares or stocks, taking into account that by owning the share of a company, you automatically become part of it, for what you have in your favor:

1. Decision making, through your actions you can be part of the most fundamental decisions of the company.

2. Dividends, you have the right to enjoy the profits and capital gains that the company has during its fiscal year.

3. Capital increase, this happens because when the company increases its income and therefore, is revalued, the same happens with the shares, which increase in their respective valueseeing you benefited by it.

4. You must understand that such rights are proportional, because of what? Simple, the amount of your purchased share represents a percentage among all the shares, to that same extent, you will have participation in the company.

What is the process of buying and selling shares like?

In this regard, we point out that the process of buying shares is held as follows:

1. Private and public companies have to make a public offer to signal in this way that they are selling their sharesthat is, it is a notification that is made to the company and its stakeholders.

2. Said notification is to indicate the number of shares for sale, the amount of each one and the stock market in which they will be available.

3. You go to the auction of the shares in the selected place, it should be noted that at the beginning an initial price can be established, which can decrease at the rate of buyers.

4. The method of payment is indicated by the same company, it can be made in cash or through transfers.

5. Once the share is acquired, you are granted a title document, where it is established that you are the owner of that portion of the company. Of course, such a document is issued by the competent authority.

6. After that, you are under the advice of the company’s financiers, who will indicate the stock market to which the shares will enter, and where they will suffer an increase or decrease in capital, all depending on the behavior of the stock market.

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