Working in Hollywood Everything you need to know!

work in hollywood It is a dream for a large number of people, and it is that they all long to appear on the big screen, in order to get a place on the walk of fame. However, to get a job in the major film industryyou can not only opt for acting careerbut you can also have other alternatives, did you know?

I invite you to continue reading this article if you want to know more in-depth details of how can you work in hollywood.

Vacancies available to work in Hollywood

As I mentioned before, you can not only opt for an acting career if you want to achieve get a job in hollywood. So, check this list of vacancies available to work in the international film industry.

  1. producers

If you’re the type of person who wants to dodge the cameras a bit you can work as a producer. Likewise, we can mention other positions such as executive positions, administrative and accounting personnel, assistants, etc.

  1. artistic creator

Do you like digital art? Well, let me know that to create the magic in each movie, you need a large number of personnel, willing to create various designs, and not only that! animation, musicand everything to generate the atmosphere in your favorite movie, deserves every professional in their field.

  1. Additional features

This is a fairly simple way to appear in a movie. Normally, they need Additional features; either, main (which have a small role) or secondary (called “filler”).

  1. advertising area

This is geared towards marketing and publicity. That is to say, people who are in charge of developing a brilliant sales strategy and call attention. The sales that can be generated before, during and after the premiere movie depend on this.

  1. Production

Production is not the same as producer. The production is the qualified personnel to carry out the film. That is to say, camera, lighting, editing, special effects, photographyamong others.

  1. Mantenance staff

Maintenance staff is essential anywhere. Since, these people are responsible for keeping everything in its place, clean and organized for the time of shooting.

Other options to work in Hollywood

work in hollywood Not only are you limited in some professions, you may also have some additional openings available to you in order to obtain a job in the most acclaimed place in Los Angeles. Check this list to have more options!

  • consultants
  • Administrative staff
  • personal assistants
  • stylists
  • makeup artists
  • Manager

Employment Agencies in Hollywood

If you want to get a contract, you can choose to look at an agency. Since, they are in charge of making the calls for possible vacancies. However, do not limit yourself there, you can investigate in other places, such as job boards, platforms, among others. Get to know the main employment agencies in Hollywood!

  • Property Staffing
  • hollywood reporter
  • Thrivas Staffing Hollywood
  • Vencare Health Services
  • Hidden Hollywood Jobs

Major studios where can I get a job in Hollywood

There are several studies where you could go and present your curriculum vitae for apply for a vacancy. Therefore, I want to mention the fundamental studies, and that have been taking over the film industry.

  • universalstudio
  • 20th Century Fox Studios
  • Sony Picture Entertainment
  • Warner Bros Studio
  • Walt Disney Studios
  • Paramount Picture Studios

Tips for working in Hollywood

The first thing to keep in mind if Do you want to work in Hollywood?, is to set your goal clearly. That is to sayWhat profession do you want to practice? Once you have this established, the rest will be a piece of cake.

Study every aspect of cinema, this is necessary to be able to move effectively in that entertainment medium. Take the first step! if you want to achieve get a job in hollywood you must say goodbye to your city, town or town, prepare your suitcases, and go for your dream!

don’t forget to save, very sorry for everything money is required. Before executing your trip, remember to break the piggy bank! And take accounts. The idea is that you can afford your stay, and finally: Sign up for a casting! Follow up and take advantage of the opportunity, I wish you much success!

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