10 Best Health Insurance Companies in New York

Discover the top 10 companies of health insurance in new york city. If you live in the Big Apple, this information is of great value to you, so keep reading!

Medical insurance agencies are in charge of providing you with a series of essential services, in order to fully cover any emergency that can arise. However, it is important to understand how the methodology of these companies works.

To start, there are different plans that adapt to your economic capacities. The catastrophic plan is generally the most accessible. Followed by it, you have the Bronze, Silver, Gold and finally the Platinum. If you have a partner or children the amount can be changed. Also, let’s remember that opting for the cheapest plan will not always be the best option.

These are the best health insurance companies in New York City, New York

Having a good health insurance is one of the first procedures that you must carry out if you are in the country, this will give you peace of mind and protection at all times, especially if you are accompanied. Next, I will provide you with a list of the best medical insurance companies located in New York City.

1.Empire Blue Cross

If you are young if you are beginning your independence process, you can opt for a catastrophic plan in Empire Blue Cross. This health insurance agency provides you with a wide coverage of fundamental and comprehensive services within this modality.

2. Fidelis Care

health insurance which is the best

The health insurance agency Fidelis Care provides a wide variety of economic services, especially for disabled people who do not have a salary higher than the established minimum amount.

Among its most notable features, we can mention that the premium plans they have very reasonable pricesbeing this company one of the best options if you are in New York.

3. United Healthcare

What are the best health insurance in the USA?

If we want to mention one of the largest insurers in the country, with a headquarters in New York City, we find UnitedHealthcarewhose health insurance company offers you a very wide selection of services and plans that are very consistent with your monthly budget.

This health insurance company provides you with a remarkable balance between quality and accessibility of service.

4.Health First

Health First

Between the best health insurance companies in New York, is Health First, which, with many years of experience in the field, offers you three (3) comprehensive plans that adapt to what you need. The first one is, Medicare Advantage. Later, we find family plans, and long-term ones.

Among its services we highlight the priority given to the elderly, disabled people, or those with advanced terminal illnesses. In addition to providing plans for the whole family at low cost.

5.Univera Healthcare

In New York we will find different companies that work in the health insurance area, but among the best options for its versatility and economy we have Univera Healthcarewhich offers you a wide variety of individual and family plans.

6. Cigna

cigna health insurance

The health insurance agency Cigna It is considered one of the best alternatives to consider if you are in New York and need to provide protection for your family. Among its services, it stands out: online advice, 24/7 availability, plans made to measure for each client. Plus, they cover a wide selection of generic drugs.


WeHealth It has a mobile application where you can receive all the advice you need in reference to its plans and services. This health insurance agency was created with a network of specialists in New York, with the purpose of providing the best care and coverage of incidents possible.

The company has detailed plans and cheap priceswith the possibility of accessing an optimal and quality health service.


Aetna accesses cheap insurance

The aetna insurance company offers you a series of plans that adapt to what you need, from individual services to family. In addition, it has a list of medications that you can access, online advice, the option to contact a doctor online, among other services that might interest you if you are in New York.


In Wellcare You will find two specific plans, but very useful where the company is committed to covering prescription drugs, personalized medical attention, vaccines, among others at an affordable price.

10. NY Health Insurance Exchange

The last insurance agency that I will present to you offers you a remarkable experience of 25 years in the field. On the website of NY Health Insurance Exchange You will be able to access extensive information about its most outstanding services.

Health insurance in New York City, New York

Before traveling to the United States and settling in any city you want, it is important to know which are the best health insurance companies that you can choose. In addition, it is advisable to carry out the corresponding investigation to find out the requirements they request, especially if you are undocumented.

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