10 Best Health Insurance Companies in Jacksonville, Florida

The health insurance companies in jacksonville, Florida provide you with extensive coverage for the benefit of your comfort and safety. Since, health services usually generate high bills for any citizen of the country.

For this reason, if you want an effective strategy for save money and keep your loved ones protected, you should invest in an insurance agency. Insurance companies have different ways of operating. However, most have affordable plans and comfortable payment installments.

If you plan to settle in the town of Jacksonvillethen check this information to the end.

These are the best health insurance companies in Jacksonville, Florida

The health insurance companies in jacksonville They constantly work to provide you with easy access to the health service, avoiding exaggerated debts due to an emergency. In addition, you can have availability in discounts, and other plans depending on the agency to which you want to register.

1. Ambetter

One of the best options with which we will start this list is the health insurance agency ambetter, which gives you extensive experience in the field. Among other notable features, their plans are excellent with incredible service coverage and cheap prices.

The plans that we will see are classified into bronze, silver and gold. In addition, to have medicare obamacare and additional programs that make it easier for you to pay your premiums.

2. United Healthcare

UnitedHealthcare It is an incredible option if you are residing in Jacksonville. Since, it is part of the cheapest insurance companies you can find. Their specialists are qualified, and the plans that you will see provide you with great coverage of medical services.

3. Cigna

Cigna It is one of the leading insurers throughout the country, with a presence in multiple states thanks to its excellent work, it is highly recommended. On the other hand, we emphasize that the value of the premiums is very affordable, not to mention that you will have the necessary advice to choose the right plan for you.

If you are a parent, this agency can be your best ally to save huge bills, and access a quality health service.


The health insurance agency Aetna It is positioned among the best thanks to its excellent coverage and the variety of its plans that fit perfectly according to each user, according to economic capacities.

5.Bright Healthcare

BrightHealthcare It is an insurance company founded in 2017, being one of the most recent you will find. However, it has positioned itself as one of the most viable options to consider due to the economy of its plans, the good coverage of each one, and the different options that they offer you as a payment method.

The services that are contemplated cover from a visit to the doctor to hospitalizations, fractures, accidents, among others.

6. Generalcover Insurance

The online medical care proposed by the agency General Cover Insuranceis really effective, with advisors who offer you support at any time of the day so that you can quote your plan according to your financial capabilities, offering you a tailored service.


A plan that will surely call your attention provided by this insurer, is the Medicaid which is free or at a very low cost, which can be applied to individual or family plans.

On the other hand, you will find plans like the medicare designed for disabled people or people with renal insufficiency older than 65 years.

8.Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is responsible for providing you with the right tools to have an optimal and specialized health service. Their plans have very good coverage, and are tailored to each user with the intention of reducing the exorbitant bills that a visit to the doctor or an accident can generate.

9. Oscar Health

If you are located in Jacksonville, the health insurance agency Oscar Health It offers you affordable plans and a wide variety of additional services that you can opt for. Also, if you still do not know which plan to choose, you can contact their advisors through their website, which will provide you with the necessary information.

10. Florida Blue

In Florida Blue You will find individual, family or corporate plans with the intention of providing the best care and coverage to users. In this way, we end up with the best health insurance companies in Jacksonville, Florida.

Health insurance in Jacksonville, Florida

Health insurance was created to make your life easier. Therefore, you must invest in the best. But, what happens if you do not opt ​​for an agency? Well, you’ll have to pay a fine at the end of the year.

The most important thing is that, if an accident were to occur, you will have to pay in cash and the bills can be high. For this reason, buying health insurance will give you the advantage you need.

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