Discover If Newark Ohio is a Liberal City – An In-Depth Look

Is Newark Ohio a Liberal City?

Newark, Ohio is located in Licking County, in the central part of the state. The city has a population of over 48,000 and is the county seat. Newark is home to several universities and colleges, as well as numerous cultural and recreational attractions. Newark is a diverse city, and its politics are often a reflection of that diversity. So, is Newark Ohio a liberal city?

Political Ideology

Newark is a relatively conservative city, with the majority of voters in Licking County leaning Republican. However, the city has become more liberal in recent years, with more young people and college students voting for Democratic candidates. In the 2020 presidential election, for example, Democratic candidate Joe Biden won the county with a slight margin.

Newark is also home to a large and active LGBTQ+ community, which has helped to create a more progressive atmosphere in the city. The city council has passed several pro-LGBTQ+ ordinances in recent years, including a ban on conversion therapy and a law prohibiting discrimination against LGBTQ+ people in housing, employment, and public accommodations.

Political Participation

Newark is a city that is politically engaged. Voter turnout in Licking County is typically higher than the state average, and the city has seen an increase in political activism in recent years. Local residents are active in campaigns, rallies, and other political events. The city also has a strong grassroots movement, with organizations such as Indivisible Newark working to support progressive candidates and causes.

Economic Issues

Newark is a city with many economic challenges. The poverty rate in Licking County is higher than the state average, and many residents struggle to make ends meet. The city is also home to a large number of manufacturing jobs, which have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

The city council has taken steps to address these economic issues, such as raising the minimum wage and providing tax incentives to businesses that hire locally. These measures have been welcomed by many in the city, but there is still much work to be done to ensure that Newark’s economy is thriving.


Newark is a diverse and politically engaged city, with a growing liberal presence. The city has a strong grassroots movement and is taking steps to address economic issues, but there is still much work to be done. Ultimately, Newark is a city that is striving to become more progressive and inclusive, and is well on its way to becoming a liberal city.