Discover Whether Queen Creek Arizona is a Conservative City

Queen Creek Arizona is located in the southern region of the state and is a rapidly growing city. It is known for its low taxes, its rural lifestyle, and its small-town atmosphere. As such, it is often considered to be a conservative city.

Political Leanings

Queen Creek is located in Maricopa County, which is known for being a heavily Republican-leaning area. In the 2016 presidential election, Maricopa County voted overwhelmingly for Donald Trump, with 61.3% of the vote. Queen Creek itself voted even more heavily for Donald Trump, with 68.3% of the vote. This indicates that Queen Creek is a conservative city.

Political Representatives

The local government of Queen Creek is also reflective of the city’s conservative leanings. All five members of the Queen Creek Town Council are Republicans. The city’s mayor is also a Republican. Furthermore, the city is represented by Republican Congressman Paul Gosar in the United States House of Representatives.

Culture and Values

Queen Creek is a city that values hard work, family, and community. Its citizens are friendly and welcoming, and the city is a safe and desirable place to live. There is a strong emphasis on education, and the city is home to several high-performing public schools. The city also has a vibrant faith-based community, with numerous churches, temples, and mosques.


Queen Creek Arizona is a conservative city in many respects. Its residents are predominantly Republican, its local government is overwhelmingly Republican, and its culture and values reflect those of a traditional conservative city. For those looking for a safe, friendly, and affordable place to live, Queen Creek is an ideal choice.