OneMain Financial Personal Loans!

OneMain Financial personal loans have become a fairly common alternative, because they are beneficial both for the applicants and for the banking entities or other types of companies that provide this service. This type of credit can be used to considerably improve the economic condition of any person who manages these resources adequately.

In this article, we will explain in detail how you can get a personal loan to help you solve any financial problem. through the service offered by OneMain Financial, which is a well-known company in the field of credits, because its procedures are relatively simple.

Keep reading and you will learn everything you need to know about this financial alternative.

How to apply for personal loans from OneMain Financial?

The procedure that you must follow to acquire a personal loan from this company is quite simple. Step number one is to go to your website and create a registration user. Subsequently, it is necessary to add some personal data required in the portal, among which are some financial details, so that OneMain Financial can suggest credits that suit your economy.

After this, the company will contact you to deliver the requested documentation. When doing this, you will have to read the loan agreement and sign, in case you agree with the terms and conditions. At the end of this process, you can choose the withdrawal method you want, either through your bank account, in cash or by check.

Requirements to obtain personal loans from OneMain Financial

There are certain requirements that you must meet so that the process mentioned above can be carried out without any inconvenience. Among them, is presenting documents that guarantee that you have a source of income that allows you to cancel the credit, in the installments that have been previously specified in the contract.

In addition to this, it is necessary to be legally resident in the United States. If you have a good credit history, the process will be much safer. Another of the documents that you must present for the credit to be approved is your proof of address.

What are OneMain Financial’s interest rates and payment terms?

Another fact that it is essential that you know before applying for any type of credit is the interest rate that they handle and the payment terms that they offer, to plan properly. At OneMain Financial, interest rates typically range from 18-35%, depending on the type of credit received. Regarding payment terms, they range between 2 and 5 years.

Can I request an urgent loan and how long will it take to be approved?

“Urgent loans” are credits that are granted more quickly, speeding up the processes so that the applicant obtains the benefit in a matter of days or in some cases at the time of making the request to the lender. In the case of OneMain Financial, you can request this service, when acquiring amounts of money that are not too high.

In general, these types of loans are approved in a period of 2 to 4 business days.

Can a foreigner request a loan at OneMain Financial without a social security?

This is one of the most frequent questions when requesting a loan, since many banking entities request the social security number in their forms, when processing a credit. However, in the case of OneMain Financial, this requirement is not essential. By meeting the other requirements, you can opt for a personal loan without having social security.

Another option that can be implemented to ensure this process is to request the credit with a co-signer who does have social security.

Advantages and disadvantages of applying for a loan at OneMain Financial

There are many positive aspects that can be highlighted from the loans offered by this company. However, there are also some negatives that need to be taken into consideration before signing any type of contract.

Next, we will share a brief list of the pros and cons of the credits offered by OneMain Financial so that you are aware of said information.


  • The process is quite fast, since it is started through its web portal.
  • The money can be withdrawn in a relatively short period of time.
  • Interest rates are low, because the company focuses its services on people who do not have too many resources.


  • By not paying the installments in the agreed time, the company can issue a fine of 5 to 10 $.
  • The credit history is harmed, in case of not paying the installments on time.

Solving financial problems is much easier with a personal loan, because these resources can boost your investments to considerably multiply your income. OneMain Financial is one of the best options if you want to advance financially, because its processes are easy to implement and its payment methods are quite flexible.

According to experts, this company is one of the best alternatives for people who have never applied for a personal loan.

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