The 10 Best Health Insurance in California

Getting health insurance in the United States is an excellent option for the well-being of your family and for yours. It is known that each of these companies has the objective of helping others, they all have a similar function.

These organizations that we will present to you shortly are the best that exist in the country since they do a good job in their profession. Its objective is to improve the health of the citizen and many of these companies also help people from other countries.

What are the 10 best health insurance companies in California?

Here we will show the 10 best medical insurance companies and you can request emergency help.

1.- Anthem Blue Cross

It is a California company that has been dedicated for 6 decades to caring for people’s health and providing financial stability. Anthem Blue Cross serves 8.3 million California patients.

2.- California blue shield

It is a California company that has distinguished itself for 70 years for innovation and has gone to great lengths to provide excellent healthcare. So much so that, today, it is positioned among the best health insurance companies in California.

3.- California Health Net

It is a health care insurance provider company, it is in charge of offering health plans for individualsfamilies, companies and people with low resources.

4.- Kaiser Permanente of California

health insurance in california

It is a company that is located in California, it is the largest in the city, it has a number of more than 12,000 members, operates in 39 hospitals and in more than 700 medical offices. It has a number of 300,000 employees, including 80,000 doctors and nurses.

5.- Oscar Health Plan of California

It is the first company in California for health insurance. Its objective is to help and provide good care to the patient.

Their primary mission is to help you save time, money, and eliminate the complications that make patient care notoriously impossible. In addition, this company’s medical insurance provides pediatric dental coverage.

6.- United Health Care

united health care

It is a company in charge of helping to prevent diseasesfrom an area closer to the place of residence of the population where they are serving.

7.- Sharp Health Plan

The company is focused on improving the health of the population in California, and keeping the patient healthy.They have been doing this work for more than 25 years.

His plan is to keep patients strong, prevent hospitalizations and intensive care. In addition, they offer a plan that reduces the costs of medical care for patients.

8.- Sutter Health Plus

It is the largest leading medical insurance company in the cityaims to help citizens, families and organizations by providing high-quality healthcare and personalized customer service.

9.- Western advantage of health

It is a California health insurance that is characterized as a good owner insurance plan for people who are looking for good affordable medical care. This insurance program began in 1996 and remains in force to this day.

10.- Covered California for small businesses

It is a government company combined with Kaiser, Blue Shield, Health Net and other health insurers into one body. Small businesses can apply for a federal tax credit to insure their employees and employer health insurance in California.