The 10 BEST pages to buy wholesale jewelry

Jewelry accessories are used by all kinds of people and these best pages to buy wholesale jewelry in the USA, you may be interested in starting your own business. It doesn’t even matter where in the world you are.

Previously, we talked about the best pages to buy cosmetics wholesale in USA. From there the idea of ​​creating an exclusive list of those companies that distribute costume jewelry, or costume jewellery, in large quantities was born.

The best pages to buy wholesale jewelry in the USA

This list of the best pages to buy wholesale jewelry in USES, gives you the possibility to meet many distributors and with attractive catalogs so that you can start a venture whenever you want. Let’s meet them!


Best pages to buy wholesale jewelry in the USA, jewelry rings

We open the list with girly, a store that sells many jewelry accessories and even decorative elements that may interest you. Enter now and look at the catalog, there are several categories and you will be able to receive detailed information so that your purchase is the safest.


We continue with nihao, a page where you can choose between various jewelry collections. Have excellent prices for entrepreneurs and other items such as bags and accessories that you can add to your catalogue. Come in and take a look at everything!


kanhai It is an exclusive jewelry store, although not all the collections have promotional prices, they handle a complete catalog of costume jewelery and handmade jewelery made in India. You can make your purchase and receive it anywhere in the United States.


Best pages to buy wholesale jewelry in the USA, jewelry earrings

Despite Amazon It is not a wholesale market, if you have many products with wholesale prices. You do not believe me? Enter now and review all their jewelry offers, you will find sets and complete collections. There are many designs and for all tastes.


another one of the best pages to buy wholesale jewelry in the USA, it is Alibaba. An international market that is famous for connecting businessmen and merchants with the direct manufacturers of each product. If you enter you will have many alternatives to choose from.


In the case of etsy, is an online marketplace famous for its handmade and artisan products. It is not surprising that it is highly recommended to buy jewelry, although not all offers are wholesale, if you find many artisans who offer this.


jewelery rings

With eBay You have a good ally for any type of purchase. As one of the largest online marketplaces in the United States, they feature both retail and wholesale publications. Enter and review everything available in terms of jewelry.

8. Go4WorldBusiness

In the case of Go4WorldBusiness, it is a website that connects with all distributors and manufacturers within the United States, and even some international markets. It works like a search engine where you will get Detailed information on each company and jewelry factory.

9. E India Wholesale

E India Wholesale, presents collections of costume jewelery made in India and distributed in the United States. They have a lot of fabulous jewelry that you can use to retail with very attractive designs. Just go in and look at their catalog.


jewelery accessories

To finish, we have JEOIA, an exclusive fashion, accessories, jewelery and bijouterie store. You can find sections for all kinds of products and place a wholesale order. There are designs for all ages and tastes. What are you waiting for to go see them?

Now you know the 10 best pages to buy wholesale jewelry in the USA. All the alternatives give you the possibility of acquiring good prices to make your own venture with beautiful accessories.