How to send money to Mexico via Vigo from the USA?

To send money to Mexico through Vigo From the USA, you only need to know the guidelines that must be followed to make use of this service that is known as Vigo Money Transfer, which allows you to send money within the United States or between this country and 20 other countries. specifically in Latin America or between lThe US and 20 other countries, mainly in Latin America.

In this sense, Vigo Money Transfer corresponds to a subsidiary of Western Union, which is a popular and trusted currency exchange provider. So the customer can

Take advantage of a large agent network, with more than 50,000 locations in the United States and another 14,000 locations in the various countries they serve. Apart from the currency exchange, you can also pay bills using Vigo Money Transfer.

– This is how you choose the country and with your postal code the Vigo closest to you will appear to send money.

Link: Vigo Access from here

How to send money to Mexico through Vigo? – Know some tips about it

Vigo Money Transfer, as indicated above, is a service through which money can be sent from the United States to Mexico or to any country, specifically Latin American countries. This money can be sent directly to an account that allows you to send money to other countries.

Similarly, you can send money directly to a bank account when the beneficiary is in Mexico.

It should be noted that in some cases, the Vigo service may fail in certain areas. Unfortunately, Vigo’s money transfer service fails in some areas. Similarly, it cannot send money online and it does not have any application for smart mobile phones.

So you must go to a Vigo Money Transfer or Western Union agent location to send or receive the money. You also have the option to search the list of agent publications via online.

On the other hand, the countries they serve are limited. However, they do serve 21 countries on the website, but we could only find reference to 11 countries in total: United States, Mexico, Peru, Honduras, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Nicaragua.

Steps to send money to Mexico by Vigo Money Transfer

Select this Link, then enter your zip code where you are and you will get the results of the closest Vigo agents.

To send money to Mexico through this service it is important that you consider the following stepsin order for said sending to be successful:

1.- Start a transfer

First you must go to a Vigo Money Transfer or Western Union agent location to send the money. To do this, you must give the data to the corresponding agent.

You then need to enter the details for yourself, the beneficiary, the amount sent, and the specific location where you are sending the money, including the location of the agent where the beneficiary can collect their funds. You may also need to provide identification when you send money.

2.- Pay your transfer

Once you have provided the relevant information to the agent, you can proceed to pay for the shipment. But the Vigo Money Transfer website does not list the ways you can pay, which is a major weakness of this agency.

3.- Allow Vigo Money Transfer to carry out the rest of the sending process

To finish this sending process, the money will be sent to the beneficiary. If you are in Mexico, you can send money directly to certain bank accounts, such as Banamex, Bancomer, Banorte, and most of the popular Mexican banks.

What are the money transfer rates of Vigo Money Transfer?

The only fees that Vigo Money Transfer posts on its website are those that are taken into account only for sending money within the United States, equal to $4. There are no other fees listed for sending money to other countries. This means that you must visit an agent location to estimate the fees you will need to pay.

In the same way, we must take into account that Western Union’s rates are not at all if we compare them with other providers specialized in money transfers.

Advantages of the Vigo Money Transfer service

Advantages of the Vigo Money Transfer service

In general terms, the Vigo Money Transfer service is a very reliable that gives citizens the possibility of sending money to Mexico and other nations, especially in Latin America. Among the advantages we find the following:

  • The website is available in English and Spanish.
  • You can take advantage of more than 50,000 agent locations in the United States and 14,000 in the other countries they serve
  • You can send money directly to some bank accounts in Mexico
  • You can speak with a customer service advisor by calling 1-800-777-8784 directly, by dialing option 4

Disadvantages of the Vigo Money Transfer service

This service is an excellent option when you want to send money in cash or through bank accounts to Mexico from USA. However, different disadvantages can occur, such as the following:

  • The Vigo calculator can be a bit complex and difficult to use and requires you to manually enter information about fees and exchange rates, rather than fill it in automatically.
  • There are no exchange rates listed on the Vigo Money Transfer website
  • They do not place the fees listed on the Vigo Money Transfer website, other than a minimum fee of $4 for transfers in the United States.
  • You cannot send money online, you can only send it through a Vigo Money Transfer or Western Union agent location
  • Even though Vigo Money Transfer claims that you can send money between 21 different countries, only appear on the website, 11 countries listed.
  • Vigo Money Transfer does not offer many details about its services
  • Could not find information on how you can pay, how long transfers take or other important information. This can prevent the shipping process from going smoothly.

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