The 10 BEST ways to make money with LinkedIn

This is known as the social network of professionals and everyone should know the best ways to make money with LinkedIn from home. They are strategies that you can use from many work areas and even showing your skills.

LinkedIn It is an excellent place to connect with companies and professionals in search of services. It is not surprising that it is highly recommended to monetize different projects and today we will help you understand how it works.

These are the best ways to make money with LinkedIn from home

New forms are always born, but we analyze the best ways to earn money with LinkedIn from home and we will show you so you can start applying them. They are simple strategies to sell and monetize. Let’s meet them!

1. Create an attractive profile

On LinkedIn, as in many social networks, everything starts from the trust that you can generate in the public. Being a platform with many professionals, you must create an attractive profile where you show your real information, contacts, work history and much more. Starting from here, ways of monetizing emerge.

2. Sell your products or services

Once you have the profile set up and start connecting with people, you can sell your products or services directly and indirectly. At this point we recommend you generate articles, participate in circles with potential clients and anything that adds value within the platform. The more they see you, the more interested they will be in what you offer.

3. Share affiliate links

If you enter an affiliate program, you can share this link on your LinkedIn profile, and even in the content you are generating. However, we recommend that it is not any type of product, even if you sell to third parties, it can be according to the type of public that is following you. If you are a designer, but not a writer, you can sell the book of tips for designers.

4. Advertise with mentions

In many networks with a good audience, advertising can be done and this covers any type of product and service. You will be able to create publications and make groups with good content on LinkedIn and introduce advertising for companies and even other professionals that are not known within the platform.

5. Send traffic elsewhere

another one of the best ways to make money with LinkedIn from home it is sending traffic to other places. We mean that you can promote social networks like Facebook either Twitter, in addition to inviting them to know your website where you can also monetize. It even serves to let them know more about your portfolio.

6. Create effective campaigns

When we talk about originating effective campaigns, we mean make a whole package of advertising, but not anyone. Like places like Facebook, on LinkedIn you can advertise and attract the largest audience. This commonly serves to offer services and also to promote important events.

7. Take advantage of the courses

You can enter it within the category of sale of products and services, but deserves a special mention. One of the things that is most consumed within LinkedIn is the sale of courses, especially if they are people specialized in an area. You can do it by producing your own or by promoting third-party ones.

8. Consider physical products

Physical products are also essential within this platform. For it we recommend generating product lists and make them known within the groups to which you belong. Also, if you already have a good audience, as with the other points, you can start receiving good income from these sales. Finally, activate the reviews with the “Recommend” button

9. Provide free content

This title is sure to confuse you, but we will explain the reason why you can give free content to later earn money on the platform. works within many marketing strategieswith this you can offer courses, information and digital products to people who will give you, in a conscious and approved way, their emails. It serves to subscribe them to your newsletter and sell.

10. Look for work

Finally, we have the main purpose of LinkedIn and it is Search for a job. If you do not want to apply too many strategies to sell your own products, focus on making them aware of your services and looking for a job as Freelance or dependent to any company. For this you can check ads and also interact through groups related to your occupation.

These have been the best ways to make money with LinkedIn from home. It is a work network with many advantages and its main axis is to make yourself known to sell yourself as a professional or sell any type of product.

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