The 12 BEST Latino Nightclubs in Dallas

The Best Latino Nightclubs in Dallas, Texas They always cause a furore among those who bet on a lively nightlife, full of joy and this city located in North Texas does have a Latin flavor to enjoy.

That is why we present a list below so that you can begin to enjoy a wonderful night in this city with your friends, fill your life with joy and fun. If you are spending a few days on vacation or just want to have fun, we have the best, in Dallas you will have a great time.

What are the best Latino nightclubs in Dallas, Texas?

– Buildings lit up at night in the city of Dallas

Discover The best Latino nightclubs in Dallas, Texas, a city that never sleeps and promises lots of fun and variety. Without a doubt, Dallas is a multicultural city, where many Latinos are established and that is why it could not be otherwise, but to provide that flavor of contagious joy that only Latinos know how to give.

Do not wait any longer and enjoy one of these places that will give you the touch of satisfaction. Take a look at these night spots that we present below:

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1. Gloria’s Latin Cuisine

Gloria’s Latin Cuisine It is a place where the party never stops, recognized not only for its exquisite Salvadoran cuisine. But also for providing the perfect environment to enjoy a good salsa, a wonderful merengue, bachata and reggaeton, what else can you expect.

It has a band that has played for more than 15 years, called T Havana NRG, this being its main attraction, where many tourists and locals attend to see them play. It offers you delicious drinks that never run out, so you can spend the whole night enjoying.

2. Sauce Boat Cafe

coffee gravy boat is one of the best Latino nightclubs in Dallas, Texas with a very versatile atmosphere. It is a cafeteria in the morning that later at night is completely transformed, becoming a space for dining and a nightclub.

It offers you a Mexican menu and on Fridays, its star DJ, Turo, pleases you by placing the best bachata beats and on Saturdays, DJ Erick Jaimez, will play sound beats. If you want to learn to dance salsa, on Tuesdays you can enjoy the best classes.

3. Club Babalu

If you want to dance and have a few drinks, this is the right place; is a multi-level club that offers you the best Latin flavor full of salsa, merengue, rock en español, Latin pop and other Latin rhythms, this fusion of rhythms is what gives the distinctive touch to Club Babalu.

It has very large dance floors; where they also offer you totally free dance classes. So go ahead and have the best night you can imagine.

4. Mambo Cafe

Mambo Cafe another of the best Latino nightclubs in Dallas, Texas. Its name says it all, a tropical atmosphere, with a Caribbean and marine style and of course the live Latin music that cannot be missed.

It also offers free salsa classes, with dancers who motivate you to dance. It is one of the favorite places to visit. If you arrive in Dallas, be sure to visit it, perfect to enjoy in the company of friends, with your partner or with your family.

5. Beto & Son

Do you want to enjoy a fantastic night under the stars? Do not stop visiting Beto & Son, a modern concept, in the best Mexican style, a restaurant that at night becomes a refreshing salsa atmosphere in the open air; where the party does not end and the drinks, everything is exquisite.

Perfect to share with friends, a totally different night, especially on Wednesdays.

6. The comales

If you want to move all night to the rhythm of Latin music, be sure to visit Los Comales, the best lounge where all customers are encouraged to dance. So, you will not be able to escape and dance to this contagious music that everyone loves.

Its decoration is the best. a sensual jazz club style, totally relaxed atmosphere and lights that invite you to have a fun and joyful time.

7. Bliss Club

If you are young and want to enjoy yourself to the fullest, the bliss club or Club Bliss, it will be your best alternative. It is the favorite place for university students, total comfort and a sensual atmosphere with the best disco sound and a sensational lighting system.

Fridays and Saturdays are the best days for a Latin night; offers you hip hop music; reggaeton and different Latin rhythms so you don’t stop dancing. It also offers fun events such as the Princess Party, the first 50 girls to arrive will receive a beautiful tiara as a gift; Another favorite event is Naughty Schoolgirl and Jungle Safari.

8. Blue Mesa Grill

Blue Table Grill; add heat to your life and enjoy a fantastic night with special drinks that you cannot stop trying; in addition to bachata classes, unique in their style. Saturday nights will make you feel at home, you definitely cannot miss visiting this exceptional place.

9.Pink Lounge

Enjoy the best rhythm of cumbia, trap, hip hop and Latin Trap; All in one place. If you want to have a good time in the company of family or friends, this is your perfect option. They offer you drinks and an incredible dance floor for you to have fun to the fullest. Get out of the routine and spend a night out at Pink Lounge.

10. Escape 2009

Considered the biggest club in America, that’s how interesting and fun this club is, where the rhythm of salsa dominates the night. At its top, is the Club de Arriba, where in addition to salsa you can enjoy other Latin styles.

A very important fact, on Fridays the entrance is completely free, while on Saturdays it is free until 9 pm; and for the girls, on Sundays they do not pay admission.

11. Escape 2001

Known as the brother of escape 2009this Mexican disco has an impressive size and of course its music is even more impressive. It is one of the busiest in the city, with quality service.

It opens from Friday to Sunday and you can imagine the queues to enter. It offers you Latin music of all kinds. A different atmosphere full of lots of activity for you to enjoy all night.

12. jellyfish

Located in the heart of Dallas, it offers you the best entertainment in the city. It offers a wide dance floor and five bars. In addition to booths that are located throughout the club facility that offers a sensational view of the stage for all visitors.

It offers live Latin music, with top quality artists. To give you an idea of ​​the excellence of this clubDo you know who have been in this prestigious club? Stars like Oscar De León and Don Omar. What better reference.

With all this information, you will surely want to visit Dallas as soon as possible and if you are already in the city, take advantage and select one of these alternatives that we have presented to you.

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