The 12 BEST Latino Nightclubs in Miami, Florida

The best Latin clubs in Miami, Florida They stand out for offering very good atmospheres, as well as the best Latin food and drinks that you could find in all of Florida. Some are more formal and some are informal, but in the end you are going to have a great time with all your friends.

If you live in Miami and want to have fun on a Friday or Saturday night somewhere you are in the right place. Because in this article you will see which are the best clubs you can visit.

What are the best Latin clubs in Miami, Florida?

– Night in the city of Miami.

If you are finally decided to go to a club, it is a good idea to see what they are before the best Latin clubs in Miami, Florida that are available to you.

Surely, when you go to one of them it will not be enough to go just once, you will feel that you should go at least 2 or 3 times for the good times that you will be able to live with your friends or family:

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1. Today Like Yesterday

today like yesterdaythis disco that is also a bar, stands out for offering people a great show of live music and the best latin drinks you could find.

On the other hand, they have a dance floor that is big enough for everyone to participate. They have music like salsa or merengue to dance with your friends and have a great experience.

2. Mango’s Tropical Cafe

Mango’s Tropical Cafeis very famous throughout Miami, many people from other areas of the United States are dying to visit Mango’s Tropical Cafe.

The best atmosphere, quite lively, full of happy people and the best Latin music accompanied by a decoration that makes you feel as if you were in a Caribbean country. also of local bands that play music and pay tributes to Latino artists.

3.American Social

American Social It is one of the best Latin discos in Miami, Florida. On Wednesdays they have something called Salsa with Bachata. Here the DJ places the best of salsa and bachata making the atmosphere on that day very lively and colorful.

Also, American Social offers some discounts on its best drinks such as the Cuban mojito and you will enjoy it in a great way with the ocean view in this nightclub.

4. The Toucan

The toucan It is a disco that has an elegant atmosphere but without being boring, the music is very energetic and will make you dance shortly after you have entered the place. In addition, the menu is very good since you They offer the best dishes of Latin food such as Mexican or Cuban gastronomy.

Something that stands out about El Tucán is that the more the night progresses you will feel that the whole place has the tropical energy that there is in Latin countries. The atmosphere is a point that is always mentioned by the clients who visit this nightclub.

5. Lique Miami

Lique Miami Despite being a nightclub, it is also known for having a great bar with a large number of Latin drinks and cocktails. Also, the lighting and the comfortable sofas make the place quite relaxing after you’ve been on the dance floor.

There are karaoke nights and live music on Friday and Saturday. For that reason, it is the one you should visit this nightclub on those days, also, people frequent the place more on those days. Finally, Lique Miami has a huge terrace with a nice view of the sea and you can breathe fresh air. Ideal if you want to take a break to continue enjoying with your friends.

6.Ball & Chain

ball&chain It is one of the most visited discotheques in Miami and it is for several reasons. One of them is that offers great live entertainment like local bands playing Latin music. All this while you taste the great menu or the high quality cocktails.

Lastly, Ball & Chian has a dance floor, but the particularity is that it is outdoors. Therefore, while you dance you will feel the air currents because the place is located in an area where there is a lot of breeze.

7. The Wynwood Yard

The Wynwood Yard It stands out for having a quite original decoration and concept if we compare it with other places. Here you will find a great combination of art, music, food and drinksall with a Latin twist.

On Fridays they have a particular event and it is the Patio Wynwood Happy hour, if you want to know more then go on Friday and you will see for yourself.

8. Caribbean Nightclub

Caribbean Nightclub It is located in the center of South Beach so it will always be full. Here you can enjoy a huge dance floor suitable for all people, the DJ is in charge of placing music such as salsa, reggaeton, house and more, so that everyone can dance.

As if that were not enough, Caribe Nightclub offers quite good prices, you can eat an excellent plate of Caribbean food for less than you think.

9.Club Space

For those who want to have a good time dancing salsa or electronic music while enjoying a good meal, then Club Space is what they were looking for. Increasingly, the place becomes popular in Miami. Hence, you will need to book a ticket well in advance because the lines to enter are quite long.

10. Le Rouge Miami – Night Club

An underground disco but that will make you have a good time is Le Rouge Miami – Night Club, there are live performances by local artists and they play music of all kinds, from salsa, to merengue, to rock. Also there are drinks that are not so expensive, some of these do not exceed $15 and even the dinner plates are almost as cheap.


Despite the fact that Trade It is a somewhat small disco, this is not an impediment to having a good time with your friends or family, the atmosphere is the best in the place. Because It has an excellent combination between the familiar and the casualTrade is a place that has DJs that offer underground music.

12.Nikki Beach

The first place of the best Latin discos in Miami, Florida goes to Nikki Beachthe place is exclusive, so you will always see elegant people, you must be well dressed to be let in. There are many areas within the same club that are excellent to keep an eye on them, for example, the bars, restaurants and dance floor.

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