The 12 BEST Restaurants in Bexar, Texas!

The best restaurants in Bexar, Texas aren’t hard to find. However, since there are so many restaurants it can be difficult, in this article you will know which are the best restaurants in Bexar, Texas.

This list will tell you the best restaurants in Bexar, Texas and they are those that have good food and prices that are affordable for most people.


Bliss is an excellent restaurant if you want to find a menu with the best American foodit has different American dishes that can taste your palate, most customers always order the Georges Bank scallops, it could be considered the restaurant’s specialty.

11.2M Smokehouse

The 12 Best Restaurants in Bexar, Texas

If you want a restaurant that offers the best barbecue in Bexxar, without a doubt you should visit 2M Smokehouse, if you consider yourself someone who appreciates food you must try a barbecue prepared by the chefs of 2M Smokehouse, It also has side dishes of beans or Mexican corn if you want to try other foods.

10. Biga on the Banks

Biga on the Banks

When you look at the best restaurants in Bexar you will always see Biga on the BanksMost of the local dishes they have on the menu are already considered a classic, and to this day it is still a restaurant frequented by a lot of people.

9. Carnitas Lonja

Fish Market

Carnitas Lonja offers the best meats in all of Bexar, the quality they have in each of their meats is truly exceptionalSince 2017 this restaurant was created and it has become increasingly popular in a short time.

You can layer carnitas on some fresh corn tortillas with salsa and you have one big plate of food.

8. Dough Pizzeria

The 12 Best Restaurants in Bexar, Texas

We all love pizza, but not all restaurants know how to prepare it, it is not the case of Dough Pizzeria, this restaurant is the one that makes the best pizzas in all of Bexar, they have everything from Neapolitan pizzas to Argentine pizza, making people more and more visit this great place.

7. The Jerk Shack

If you want to enjoy the best Caribbean food without leaving Bexar then you have to visit The Jerk Shack, it was quickly gaining popularity throughout the United States thanks to the menu they have, not only the food but also They offer cocktails, wine and beer.

6. Nonna Osteria

nonna osteria

Nonna Osteria has the best food available from northern Italythe clients who visit this restaurant leave completely satisfied with the menu such as the giant wheel of Grana Padano Cheese and we must not forget the great service that the employees offer to all people.

5. Rebel

The 12 Best Restaurants in Bexar, Texas

What stands out the most about Rebelle is that in addition to having a huge variety of mealssuch as grilled lobster or poached shrimp also have bands that play live, this allows people to enjoy their meals even more.

4. Restaurant Gwendolyn

Restaurant Gwendolyn was created in 2011 and since then it has been surprising and impacting all customers thanks to the dishes they have, They have a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Indian and African food.

3.Sichuan House

When it comes to Chinese food, the best you can find by far in Bexar is Sichuan House. People who have eaten at this restaurant can say that all the dishes they offer are quite deliciouson the menu you can find foods such as Sichuan pepper or dried red chilies.

It should be noted that at Sichuan House they make monthly special offers on their menu, which means that you can eat their exquisite dishes for negligible prices.

2.Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery

If you like seafood and drinks this is the ideal place for you, Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery knows how to unite these two worlds perfectly, resulting in a great culinary experience.

This is definitely the perfect place for seafood fans, you can find them in different presentations and with very good companions.

Finally, the drinks offered here are of the best possible quality, so you won’t find any complaints.


Curad was a restaurant created in 2013 and its quality has not declined in almost a decade of service. The menu is quite varied and you will be able to find specials at all times as they are constantly changing. One of these specials that they taste is the fried chicken with cabbage accompanied with cornbread, a delight for many people.

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