The 12 BEST Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

The best restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona that you will see in this list will surprise you since in them you will be able to see incredible menus that they have available and good prices that are accessible to all people.

What are the best restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona?

If you live in Phoenix and want to know good restaurants, I recommend that you continue reading this article.

12.The Churchill

The Churchill It is an outdoor restaurant, it is similar to a patio, most people go to this place after having a hot day, they can find fast food like pizzas, hamburgers or tacos, likewise there are drinks to refresh people in the heat and all at a good price.

11. Kings of Cake

One of the best cake restaurants in Phoenix is The Kings of the Cakethe cakes they sell are soft and have really impressive fillingsYes, you can eat a great cake for less than $10, they are quite cheap prices.

Among the most popular tortas are the norteña, customers always ask for it.

10. Central Lux

Central Lux It is a restaurant that has a bit of everything, for example it offers good coffees, they have a bar and they are a restaurant, they sell delicious cakes, you can combine them with a coffee or if you want a cocktail.

This restaurant is for all tastes due to its variety.

9. Ocotillo

The 12 Best Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

Ocotillo is another restaurant that is outdoors, this is ideal to have a cool breeze to withstand the heat of PhoenixThe best of all is when you come with your group and have a pleasant experience.

The best thing about Ocotillo is its completely American menu, toast with brie cheese, it is also ideal if you want to have lunch or dinner.

8. Pizzeria Bianco Downtown

Pizzeria White Downtown

People who live in Phoenix and have not eaten at Pizzeria White Downtown they miss out on a great experience, many consider their pizzas to be some of the best in the United States.

They have really good pizzas, like Rosa pizza, Spiedini pizza and a lot more, the menu they offer is quite extensive and varied.

7. Chiwas Tacos

Another high-quality Mexican restaurant in Phoenix, in fact, tacos are one of the most requested meals in this city.

The tacos are very soft, they are filled with high-quality meat and as if that were not enough, you can bathe them with the best sauces that Chiwas Tacos has, don’t worry about the small space it has because you really have to go through here, even once.


Windsor is the perfect restaurant if you want to spend a day with your friends eatingthe best thing is when they go on a Friday after work, here you will find high quality food like pizza or tacos, in turn you can buy drinks like beer or wine.

5. Fellow Osteria & Pizzeria

The 12 Best Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

If it’s about lunch, Fellow Osteria & Pizzeria it has the best lunches to offer to all customers, it has the Italian touch and this is reflected in its wood-fired pastas or pizzas, you can have half a pizza and a small salad for lunch for only $10, not to mention that you can find many offers in drinks.

4. Ingo’s


Ingo’s may have a simple menu but don’t be put off by this because it’s really delicious you can buy excellent sandwiches with very good fillings such as fried chicken, on the other hand they also have hamburgers or cocktails.

Best of all, you can enjoy meals if you want on the patio that has a great view and cool breeze.

3. treatment

treatment It was created by the same owner as Pizzeria Bianco Downtown, so the quality of its meals is already assured, but he has added other dishes such as proscuitto ragu or cavatelli with duck.

Here you will have an incredible culinary experience so do not hesitate to visit Tratto.

2. Restaurant Progress

The 12 Best Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

There is no doubt that Restaurant Progress is one of the best restaurants available in Phoenix.the treatment that you will see here will make you feel in an exclusive place without losing the informal touch.

There are very good dishes such as octopus with melted tomato accompanied with confit garlic or foie fras with lentils or walnuts with brown butter, many people visit this place because it is one of their favorite restaurants.

1. Lon´s at the Hermosa

The 12 Best Restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona

Lon’s at the Hermosa offers customers really beautiful views combined with quite exquisite dishes and with a great variety, lobsters or steaks are one of the most requested in this restaurant.

If you live in Phoenix without a doubt you should go through Lon’s at the Hermosa.

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