The 7 Best Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas!

The best restaurants in San Antonio, Texas that you will see next in this list stand out for having excellent menus with really affordable prices for everyone, they are almost always full of customers.

If you live in San Antonio, Texas and want to know good restaurants, I recommend that you continue reading this article.

Which are The best restaurants in San Antonio, Texas?

If you are looking for a good restaurant to visit with your family, friends, partner or partners, you have come to the right place. We show you a fairly complete list of the best restaurants in San Antonio, in the magnificent city of Texas.


The 7 Best Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas!

Cured is a restaurant that stands out for having enough lights so that it can attract people’s attention, although this is not its only strong point, the menu they have you can find a variety of dishes such as sausages, meats or seafood , all of excellent quality fully verifiable.

They also have drinks such as beers or cocktails that can perfectly match any dish you order, it should be noted that the most requested dish at Cured is the Heritage Hog Poutine and it consists of a delicious Wisconsin cheddar cheese curd and has pickled cauliflower.

6. Dough Pizzeria Napoletana

If you are a fan of pizzas, do not hesitate to visit the restaurant Dough Pizzeria Napoletanayou will find the best pizzas in San Antonio in this place, remember that in San Antonio there are not many places where you can eat a pizza.

At Dough Pizzeria Napoletana they have pizzas with the Neapolitan seal, in addition to being prepared in a wood-fired oven, making it taste better, but not only are there those kinds of pizzas, but there are also pizzas with a lot of meat, some have thick sausages.

Dough Pizzeria Napoletana will have at your disposal the most delicious pizzas in San Antonio so do not hesitate to visit this restaurant.

5. Mon Chou Chou

The 7 Best Restaurants in San Antonio, Texas!

Mon Chou Chou stands out for being a Parisian restaurant, but it’s not only that, they have the perfect setting that makes it seem like you’re in Paris, for a moment you’ll completely forget that you’re in San Antonio.

The decorations of Mon Chou Chou have the purest French style such as the brass lights, small seats and the mosaic floor, on the other hand the menu is also French such as the chariot de fromages, the escargots or the demi-poulet roti, all these dishes are really a delight.

The desserts they have at Mon Chou Chou are very well prepared, you won’t even want to eat them because they look so beautiful.

Without a doubt, people should visit Mon Chou Chou at least once as they will get a pleasant culinary experience.

4. My Roti

Don’t get carried away by the fact that My Roti looks like any other street restaurant, Here you can taste the best Caribbean food and that not only that but also has a nice food hall that can be quite modern.

My Roti has a great menu, for example it has the Roti plate, which is a bread dipped in sauce or whatever you want, it also has jerk chicken accompanied by a large side of French fries.

Finally there are customers who choose the bowl to accompany it with the roti and a mango chutney, My Roti is the best of the best in terms of Caribbean food.


Battalion is a restaurant that offers a great variety in terms of Italian food.they have red meat or grilled mackerel available, these are the dishes most requested by customers, however there are others such as fettuccine, spaghetti or lasagna, these are the ones that always ask for more than others.

Other quite good dishes are the clams and octopus which here are called bucatini ai frutti di mare or the aubergines Parmigiana, the latter is a dish that you must order in at least three portions, this is so that you are really satisfied.

Battalion is the ideal restaurant for all those who are fans of Italian gastronomy, they will find this restaurant as their favorite.


Range is the best decorated cowboy restaurant you will find in San Antonio, the employees wear boots with spurs so that they can match the atmosphere and also the menu.

Range’s dishes range from a classic steak with really juicy quality cuts to seafood or lobster, the best American food is served at Range.

All of Range’s meals are spiced, this allows for excellent flavor to be achieved, this is one of the reasons why this restaurant is always fully booked.

1. Mixtli

If you like Mexican food, do not hesitate to visit Mixtli, an authentic Mexican gastronomy restaurant, they have the freshest ingredients.

The menu is made up of the best of Mexican food, for that reason you should go yourself and check it out, Mixtli’s food will not disappoint you.

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