The 8 BEST Latin Food Restaurants in Philadelphia

The Best Latin Food Restaurants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania They offer options to taste dishes full of flavor, culture and seasoning that reflect the traditions of the Latin regions.

The Best Latin Food Restaurants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

If you want to taste some delicious dishes full of Latin flavor, you should review the different options that exist in this city, among which we find the following:

1.- Puyero Venezuelan Flavors

Here you can find the best of Venezuelan street food that serves different typical dishes of this country, such as arepas, patacones and other very delicious foods.

Puyero Venezuelan Flavor was founded by three Venezuelans who have been living in Philadelphia since 2011, so they not only wanted to share their delicious food but also wanted to share their culture and identity.

2.- Mixed


Here you can find a mix of Cuban, Latin American and Caribbean flavors. It is known for the different traditional dishes such as Paella, Argentine Churrasco and Rotisserie Pernil.

Also, they offer large portions which are very tempting. As for the atmosphere, it is very warm and traditional, which represents our Latino culture.

3.- Coffee from the municipality of Bagel

Bagel Township Cafe

This Café-style place offers a very cozy family atmosphere. It is run by the team of Pat and Donna Leuzzi, and distinguishes itself by serving the community together with their children, Pasquale and Isabella, along with a team of trusted employees.

In this place you can find not only a delicious Latino coffee, but you can find a mix of dishes that includes quality homemade food, whether you want a breakfast with arepas, empanadas or lunch with a delicious roasted chicken.

4.- Autana Authentic Venezuelan

The 10 Best Latin Food Restaurants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This place is among the best Latin food restaurants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and offers the typical homemade Venezuelan food. So Autana represents a heritage from Latin cuisine to the table.

This restaurant was established in 2020 and is a family business in the Venezuelan home style, where you can find the famous arepas, empanadas, the rich parakeet, avocado and delicious fruit juices.

The 10 Best Latin Food Restaurants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Supreme Pizzeria & Bakeryoffers a full menu of sandwiches, pizzas, salads, cakes, desserts and many other Brazilian-style foods.

This place is a “padaria” or family bakery, and has constituted the Brazilian cuisine and culture in this city.

It offers rich pizzas, breads, delicious sweets that reflect the typical food of Brazil. It also includes the famous coxinhas, pão de queijo and more.

6.- Old San Juan Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the best Latin food restaurants in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and offers typical Spanish food.

In this place you can find delicious rice bread, beans, mini empanadas, beans, stew, plantains, pork rinds, and pork, among other really delicious dishes.

7.- View Peru

This restaurant was established in 2018 where we can find the typical peruvian foodIt also offers an environment that reflects the culture of this country where art is noted. We can find the rich ceviche and the famous pisco cocktails.

As the ambassadors of this beautiful country, they seek to show part of the gastronomy of Peru, where they offer us an authentic Peruvian culinary experience through food and a comfortable environment.

8.- The King of Pentacles

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the famous King of Pentacles who offers exquisite authentic Mexican and Salvadoran food.

To start, on the menu we find the famous burritos, quesadillas, tortas, chilaquiles, fajitas and much more.

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