10 Banks to get money loans in Chicago Illinois

Banks to get money loans in Chicago, Illinois They offer us different alternatives when it comes to requiring extra money to solve any financial urgency or to expand a business.

Banks to get money loans in Chicago, Illinois

When it comes to needing a money loan in this city, here we show you different fast and feasible alternatives, among the following we find:

1.- First Financial Credit Union

This agency was established in 1936 and offers financial services to clients and their entire family. This is a cooperative that provides lower loan rates and fees and higher savings rates because the “profits” are returned to them and not to shareholders or management.

In addition, members have a say in the way they operate and the services they offer. Likewise, the completely free checking account comes with overdraft options that include free transfers from a savings account or a low-rate line of credit, and there are no minimum balance or usage requirements.

It also offers credit cards with low rates, youth accounts, retirement accounts, mortgages, alternatives to payday loans, and car loans.

2.- CIBC Bank

10 Banks to get money loans in Chicago Illinois

CIBC Bank is another of the banks to get money loans in Chicago Illinois. It offers an affordable personal loan with 12.45% interest, called the EasyPath Personal Loan. So you can apply for the loan by visiting one of the CIBC branches or online.

3.- Huntington Bank

This agency offers a line of credit to its account holders called Standby Cash. The line of credit they provide can be up to $1,000 and they charge no interest or fees if the customer signs up for automatic loan repayment. Therefore, it is an excellent option in case extra money is required to solve any financial urgency that you have.

4.- CDFI or credit union

10 Banks to get money loans in Chicago Illinois

CDFI is a Community Development Financial Institution that serves and provides assistance to underserved and low-income communities. They are also certified by the United States Department of the Treasury. They can be community banks, credit unions, nonprofit organizations, venture capital funds, or loan funds.

CDFIs are highly community-focused, targeting their funding at small businesses, micro-enterprises, non-profit organizations, commercial real estate, and affordable housing.

In this way, CDFIs have revolving loan funds that are targeted to a specific state or geographic region, providing low-interest loans to small business owners and microentrepreneurs who may not qualify for a bank loan.

5.- Self-Help Credit Union

This bank offers a wide variety of banking and loan products for people who have good credit or for those who want to establish their credit. So it provides everything from free financial advice to easy online banking options and personalized loan underwriting. You can easily access it by calling the following number: 800-966-7353.

10 Banks to get money loans in Chicago Illinois

This bank entity offers different financial services in this city, and borrowers who have been members for more than six months may qualify for their 18% interest no credit check emergency loan. They also offer free financial advice, and can be accessed by calling the following telephone number: 217-893-8201.

7.- SIU Credit Union

SIU Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution where the leadership that guides SIU Credit Union comes from members like you, not from a nationwide board of directors. This entity is locally owned and has served the needs of southern Illinois for over 80 years.

In this sense, this agency offers additional services, higher dividends on savings and lower loan rates. It also serves 26 counties, where they offer a personal loan with a competitive interest rate, and they can call 618-457-3595.

8.- Unified Homeowners of Illinois Federal Credit Union

Unified Homeowners of Illinois Federal Credit Union (UH of IL FCU) offers personal services that are people-centered. It also provides small loans to homeowners in the city.

In addition to credit union-related offerings, its signature deliveries include budgeting, property tax assistance, debt settlement assistance, and notary services, among other offerings.

UH of IL FCU can tailor services and solutions to better meet specific member goals. It serves all homeowners in the city and provides personal loans of up to $600 with 18% interest over 12 months, available to new and existing members. You can access the following number to contact their services: 773-283-9340.


This agency offers loans of $1,000-50,000 for refinancing and debt consolidation, also helps with online shopping, business, auto loans and auto loan refinancing. They also offer an access system where you can call the following number: 855-438-8778.

10.- SoFi

Sofi is another of the banks to get money loans in Chicago, Illinois, and offers accounts, personal loans, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, business loans and investment options. This entity can be accessed by calling the following number: 855-456-SOFI (7634)

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