The best platform to earn money transcribing

atext It is one of the platforms that you should know if you want to make money transcribing remotely. In addition, it is a well-known South American company that has given work to thousands of people. If you like to transcribe and need income, don’t miss all the information that I have prepared in this article, because it is aimed at people like you.

What is Atext?

atext It is a platform of Argentine origin with more than 6 years founded. It is in charge of process voice data and pass it to text, that is why it is one of the most used means to earn money by transcribing. Many Freelancers work in it. They have nearly 500,000 transcriptionists and hundreds of thousands of other users applying for such jobs.

On the other hand, it can be said that it is one of the most famous Latin American platforms in this area. The projects they manage can be very varied, whenever it is required to transcribe some audio or video into clean and clear texts, they can do it on the page. There are also no language limits. But don’t worry if you only speak Spanish, because most of the projects are in that language.

What you need to know to work on the platform

There are basic features of the platform that you should be aware of, but it is not very different from other transcription sites. The topics that you are going to find can be very varied and without the need for translations, just write in an orderly manner and without errors, the audios that indicate you.

Most of the topics are focused on investigations, conferences and interviews of all kinds, since they are materials with information that needs to be in writing, and thus expedite dissemination in different media. You do not need a great academic trainingonly good spelling, organization and time to dedicate to it.

A great advantage is that the page has automatic corrections through bots. If any of the transcribers overlooks an error, the same platform will highlight and modify it, it can even notify you on some occasions.

Steps to register and earn money transcribing with Atexto

If you got here it is because you are interested in making money transcribing with this platform. That is why I will show you some steps and tips for you to learn how to register and use Atexto to get benefits. It is very simple, see below:

1- The first thing you should do is go to the official website of the platform:

2- Select the option “Work with us” since the other sections are for clients.

3- Select the language of your choice

4- Fill in all the information and validate your account

5- The platform will guide you to the projects section where you will periodically have audio instructions available.

How much does Atexto pay?

This is extremely important information, you should be interested in how much you can earn through this platform. The page has an average of $16 dollars for each hour of audio or video that you have to transcribe, it is even said that you can get more than $300 dollars per month, but these figures may vary depending on the user and seniority.