12 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in El Paso

If you want to find the Best Chinese Restaurants in El Pasoand delight yourself with one of the most extravagant international cuisines, I recommend you read this article until the end, where you will see incredible options that you cannot miss.

El Paso is a city that is home to many families, so it is very common to see many groups sharing in restaurants, local parks, and doing outdoor activities. That is why, today we will recommend some places where you can go with your family and friends.

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The Chinese Food It gives you an excellent and balanced composition of extraordinary flavors and aromas that you cannot miss at any time of the day. Do you already know which are the most recommended restaurants? Check them out here!

1. Grand China Buffet

We start this list of Best Chinese Restaurants in El Paso, with an excellent buffet. This place is recommended by diners who visit the place frequently.

In Grand Chinese Buffet You will find a wide variety of traditional recipes, which are made with fresh ingredients, in order to give you a good experience in the establishment. Another notable aspect is the cheap prices and the generous proportions of the dishes.

2.China Express

Chinese Food

china express It is another buffet highly recommended by its delicious fresh sushi. Although this place does not have much variety in recipes, it is highly visited due to the prices it offers and the excellent service provided by the staff who work on this site, who are committed to providing you with everything you need to make your experience a pleasant one.

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3. Lin’s Grand Buffet

Third, we have Lin’s Grand Buffeta very traditional place with decoration allusive to culture, where you can taste different recipes of gastronomy, exquisite dishes with very good proportions, and prices according to what is consumed.

Customer service is another important aspect to highlight. Since the staff in charge of serving you will provide you with everything you need to make your visit the best and you had an amazing time at your facilities.

4.China House

Best Chinese Restaurants in El Paso

Enjoy Asian cuisine in chinese house. If you like to go out to eat on weekends, to relax a bit, this restaurant offers you an excellent atmosphere, personalized and efficient customer service. In addition, the dishes have very good proportions and the prices are consistent.

5. Paco Wongs Chinese Restaurant

The city of El Paso already offers you excellent tourist spots and places that are worth knowing. However, the main benchmark for Chinese food in this town is Paco Wongs Chinese Restaurantan excellent place to taste the best Asian cuisine.

The restaurant is highly recommended by diners, thanks to the exquisite food that the place provides. In addition to giving you a incredible experiencewith the good attention of the staff, excellent atmosphere and piano music that will relax you.

6.Hunan Palace

Best Chinese Restaurants in El Paso

Hunan Palace It is an ideal restaurant to visit with family and friends. The attention in this place is one of the best, providing you with personalized and friendly service, in order to make your experience pleasant. On the other hand, the quality of the food is very remarkable, thanks to its delicious flavor and aroma that makes the dishes exceptional.

Additionally, in the menu you will find different traditional recipes that you can taste and accompany with the beer of your choice. Finally, the prices are very affordable and accessible.

7.China Pearl

It is the turn of one of the most visited buffets in the city, which has a wide range of dishes to choose from. china pearl It is a very clean and pleasant place, and diners highlight the freshness of the recipes, and the great flavor it provides. In addition, the price is very consistent with the quantities, and the service is unbeatable.

8. P.F. Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s It is one of the best Chinese food restaurants in El Paso. This place has different branches at its disposal and enjoys excellent popularity among diners, managing to highlight the excellent service and careful customer service. Additionally, the food in this place is exquisite, with great flavor and quality.

However, it is recommended to make a reservation if you want to visit this popular restaurant. Since, finding an available table can be a challenge.

9. Sun Garden Chinese Bistro

Best Chinese Restaurants in El Paso

Sun Garden Chinese Bistro It offers you a spectacular decoration, very traditional with a good family atmosphere, ideal to share a weekend. The dishes for their part have an excellent presentation, very colorful, with delicious flavor and aroma. On the other hand, on the menu you will find different delicious options that you cannot miss.

10. Sam’s China Bistro

In Sam’s China Bistro You will find a place with a very colorful decoration, comfortable and that provides you with a good environment to enjoy delicious food with friends. Another important aspect to highlight are the outstanding culinary presentations, which will leave you satisfied in every way.

Customer service is very friendly and professional.. In this way, the staff ensures you an excellent experience in the place. On the other hand, the prices are very accessible, and the proportions are adequate.

11.Shan Dong

Best Chinese Restaurants in El Paso

shan dong It has a remarkable rating of 4.4 points and more than 200 comments, where diners highlight the exquisite dishes served in this restaurant. As well as, it is possible to denote quality care, affordable prices and excellent setting, ideal for an evening with your partner.

12. Red Wok Chinese Restaurant

To end this list of the best Chinese food restaurants in El Paso, we close with Red Wok Chinese Restaurant, a perfect place to share with the family and taste the best dishes of gastronomy. If you want to spend an unforgettable experience, I recommend you visit this place.

What has been your favorite restaurant?

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