Cleaning jobs for HISPANICS in the United States!

Cleaning jobs for Hispanics in the United States They are easier to get than it seems. In general, they do not require bilingual people and if we take into account the work area, it will not be an essential requirement to speak English.

If you are interested in getting a cleaning job in the United States, you are in the right place. In this article we will show you some things you should know about this job, such as which cities hire more cleaning staff.

Cleaning jobs for Hispanics in the United States

– In the United States, cleaning services are normally hired by restaurants, homes, schools and more.

In the United States there are different cleaning jobs that Hispanics can opt for, among them we highlight the following:

  • Restaurant Cleaning: Among the most popular cleaning jobs in America is cleaning restaurants. You can work as a restaurant janitor or even be part of a cleaning crew.
  • Household cleaning: For women this can be an ideal job, many families are looking for a woman to work as a housewife.
  • Hospital cleaning service: Many hospitals and clinics recruit cleaning staff to clean areas of the hospital. The payment compared to other cleaning jobs is usually higher although the risk of work is greater.

Where to find cleaning jobs for Hispanics in the United States per month?

Here we will show you some web pages in which you can apply to get the job:

  1. thumbtack: This page is in charge of offering cleaning work for Latinos, this can be a great option if you need to see job offers.
  2. Craigslist: On Craigslist you will see different cleaning job offers but most of them do not have such strict hours.
  3. Care: If it is about web pages to find cleaning work then you should check Care. This is a platform for people who are looking for cleaning staff to clean a specific place.

Work from home packing in the United States in Spanish

Cleaning jobs for Hispanics– Packing products or other things from home is an excellent business to start.

If you need to work packing from home in the United States, there will be no problem since below you will see a list of some jobs packing things:

  • Product packaging: One of the packaging jobs with the greatest demand is to pack the products because it is enough to pack the different products that are indicated to you, this has a greater impact in the school season, since with the purchase of pencils or notebooks there is more opportunity of work.
  • Pack magazines: Today there is still a great use of magazines by people, if you need a packaging job, that of magazines can be a great idea since there are different companies that need someone to order or take the magazines to different places.
  • Packing boxes: This job is usually similar to packing products, however people must be in charge of ordering the boxes with products, those who are mostly in charge of hiring the staff are food companies or restaurants.

Cleaning jobs for Hispanics in the United States at night

Cleaning jobs for Hispanics– Normally, offices hire night cleaning services for when working hours have ended.

One thing you should know about cleaning jobs in the United States is that the hours are varied and some are jobs that require night shifts, here are some cleaning jobs at night:

  • Cleaning staff in casinos: This cleaning job is more popular in Las Vegas, if you want to work here you will have to understand that it is a heavy job because you will have to clean the casino at night, the time when there are more people.
  • Office cleaning: Another job that may have a not-so-heavy workload is cleaning offices at night, plus you won’t require a lot of experience, you just have to have the necessary willingness to clean and be responsible.
  • School Cleaning: There are some cleaning teams that are in charge of cleaning schools in the United States and some hours are at night, it is not necessary to speak English to opt for this job, however they do require a good attitude for work and willingness to work as a team .

The best cities to get a job cleaning

Among the best cities in the United States to work in the cleaning service we have the following:

  • Phoenix: This city located in Arizona has a large number of cleaning job offers available, there are many companies that are looking for personnel to work cleaning different places such as clinics, in turn they offer good pay.
  • Ithaka: The city of Ithaca is in New York, the cost of living is not as expensive as it seems since it is located in New York, the cleaning staff is quite in demand as it is a city with great demand in the entertainment sector.
  • Las Vegas: It is not a secret to anyone that the economy of Las Vegas is based on the training industry and even more so on casinos or hotels, for this reason cleaning work is one of the most requested in this city, there are cleaning teams looking for people to clean casinos, hotels or some space that can be used for a party, plus there are good salaries compared to other cities.

Companies that are hiring women to clean in the USA

There are some companies in the United States that hire women for cleaning services and here are some of them:

One of the best-known cleaning companies in the United States is CleanNet USA, they have headquarters in almost the entire United States, they look for women to clean offices, CleanNet USA’s salary is usually quite high and they also have days off in case that it is necessary.

This cleaning company is another one that is quite popular in the United States, it has an office in many cities in the country, in addition to this they do not demand many requirements for women, in fact it is not necessary to speak English, just that they comply with the cleaning work in the different places like a hotel or a house.

ChemDry was founded in 1977 and since then they have been in charge of offering a quality service. Women will be able to easily find work at ChemDry to work in different sectors such as cleaning a specific area.

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