Jobs in the United States with Housing Included!

Jobs in the United States with housing included They can be a great idea for all those Latinos who have just arrived in the United States. In general, some of these jobs do not require previous experience nor do they require many requirements, such as speaking English.

Many of these jobs in the United States with housing included It is offered by people with great purchasing power.

Notably if you are Latino you will have a greater chance of getting a job with housing included. Latinos, compared to Americans, are the ones who generally get these jobs more easily.

Where to get jobs in the United States with housing included?

To get a job with housing included in the United States, it is no longer necessary to go places or read a newspaper. Thanks to the advancement of new technologies, now it is enough to enter the internet and check the websites that are looking for personnel.

Next we will show you a list of some web pages to get a job with housing:

  • The Classified: On this website you can find different types of work and one of them is jobs with housing included.
  • Jobble: Job offers in Jooble are quite high, there are many opportunities to get a job with housing included. In addition, it is not an essential requirement to speak English.
  • Milanuncios: They have a huge database of jobs all over the United States. You can get a job with housing included easily, plus you can read the job reviews and see if it suits you or not.

Companies that pay and look for accommodation

For some companies it is not difficult to find accommodation or housing for their workers. In fact, that is part of their policies and here you will see a list of some companies that seek accommodation for their employees:

This child care company is looking for people to work as nannies, for Latinos there are more chances of opting for these jobs. No English is required and Tibetan Nannies will host all the nannies.

The Accor Hotels chain of hotels is one of the best known in the United States. They are a hotel company that offers good wages to its workers. In addition, it seeks housing or lodging for its workers.

Merry Maids is a cleaning company that to work for it it is not necessary to have great experience nor is it necessary to speak English. They only ask the workers to do the job well in cleaning the places like buildings, houses or other facility.

What jobs can you get?

– One of the most requested jobs that are sought with housing included, is that of a permanent nanny.

Below you will see a list of the jobs you can get with housing included:

  • Take care of kids: One of the jobs with a home that is easiest to get is babysitting, it is only necessary to care for the child or children when the parents are not at home, nannies can have a room in which they can live, generally it is not It is necessary to speak English and you just have to know how to do things, be focused at all times, be responsible and have a polite and friendly attitude towards everyone in the house.
  • Home internal: This job is to preserve the cleanliness and order of a home, you have to keep it clean at all times by doing a rigorous cleaning as well as doing the 3 meals a day and cleaning clothes, this is another job with housing that is not a requirement to speak English.
  • Hotel cleaning: The United States is a country with a large number of hotels, for that reason they are always looking for staff but even more so in cleaning, you will have to do jobs such as cleaning and tidying up hotel rooms.

Jobs in the USA with housing included who speak Spanish

Jobs in the United States with housing included– Working as a janitor works perfectly if you know how to provide service in household tasks such as fixing things that have broken down.

If you don’t speak English and you need a job with housing, don’t worry because you can still opt for a job. In fact, there are some areas in the United States that speak more Spanish than English.

These are some jobs with housing included that speak Spanish:

  • Butler: Believe it or not, you do not need to speak English to work as a butler in the United States, you can communicate in Spanish to meet the needs of the person you are working for.
  • Packer at night: This job with housing included, it is only necessary to be in the packaging area, as they are at the service 24 hours a day, they require people to work at night, you only need to speak Spanish, it should be noted that since it is at night the salary is higher .
  • Janitor: The janitors in the United States are in charge of cleaning any facility both inside and outside the surroundings, it is not necessary that you speak English, it is only necessary to be a responsible person and with the aptitude to fulfill the job.

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