How to work in the music industry? All you need to know!

Do you want to work in the music industry? The world of music is very wide and provides you with an extensive menu of sectors in which you can specialize. Therefore, it is important to know, how would you like to enter this entertainment medium?

The music industry It has always been one of the work fields that attracts the most attention, and that is that we all like to listen to music. This is where its importance comes from. But, do you like to be a spectator or a protagonist? This question will define the field in which you want to specialize.

Most sought after profiles in the music industry

In the music industry you will find many roles that you can play, it all depends on your tastes. Meet the profiles you can get in the world of music!

1- Musicians or Singers

These are the main artists medium. These characters are in charge of creating their songs or melodies.

2- Manager

He represent or managerYou have many tasks to perform. Mainly, he must carefully supervise the hiring or possible negotiations based on the well-being of the artist. In addition, he is in charge of negotiating and ensuring the interests of his client.

3- producer

In this place is where the creative process for the elaboration of songs takes place. Instead, the producer He is the person in charge of effectively planning how the process will be. Additionally, it can serve as an industry mentor for emerging artists.

4- Label

He label is responsible for making the investment for the project. In addition, it carries out advertising processes, in order to reach more people.

5- Editorial

The editorial is in charge of taking care of the intellectual rights of the artist. In this way, the work that the character does can be verified as his own and unpublished.

6- promoters

The promoters They are in charge of promoting the artistic career of the singer or composer through musical meetings, private events, concerts, among others.

Jobs to work in the music industry

If you are starting in the world of music you can work in various places to promote your work yourself, and in this way you can make yourself known.

1- Radio

The first communication channel to make yourself known is the radio. In addition, there are multiple stations that provide collaborations with rising stars.

2- Cruise ships

On cruises you can get endless opportunities to work as a musician. Since, a lot of entertainment is needed for the passengers, and they usually require dj’s, dancers, musicians, singers, among others.

3- Bar or Restaurants

Many times the bars and restaurants They hire musicians to animate and provide live shows. So it’s a good alternative to start with.

Other options to work in the music industry

Never settle for a few alternatives! Check out this list of other options you can consider:

  • arrangers
  • composers
  • Music teacher
  • concert volunteer
  • Sound technician

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