Jobs for HISPANICS in San Francisco!

Cradle of jobs for Hispanics in the United States, the city of San Francisco It is characterized by offering a very good tolerance to anyone who comes from Latin countries and that is an advantage to take into account before stepping on American soil.

It should be noted that the economy of San Francisco, California is maintained thanks to tourism, since it is undoubtedly a very attractive destination for tourists.

Therefore, knowing everything about the work in San Francisco It will be very helpful in trying to live in this beautiful and relaxed California city. Do not stop reading and you will see that you can learn everything about his style of work.

What jobs for Hispanics in San Francisco can you get?

– If you are skilled in the carpentry area, in San Francisco this is one of the jobs most requested by Hispanics.

In the city of San Francisco there are a large number of jobs for Hispanics in San Francisco available, especially when we talk about young people who move to it with great aspirations to short term. However, let’s see what these options are:

  1. IT managers: One of the most sought-after jobs is that of an IT manager in their large technology companies that help those who are just starting out.
  2. Carpenters: In San Francisco, carpenters are highly sought after since many houses and buildings are built annually.
  3. Drivers: If you have good driving experience, San Francisco is an option. They are always requested to drive public transportation.

Where to find a job in San Francisco?

To find a job in san francisco first you need to know what types of portals offer jobs, the most popular are these:

  1. Jobs Jobline: Through this portal, a very high number of jobs available for Hispanics are published daily where the supply and demand is quite large, therefore pay attention to it.
  2. The Classified: Another very relevant portal is this one where there are jobs of all kinds, from carpenters to dentists, so there will always be work.
  3. Glassdoor: It is important to take this website into account since they even take the trouble to show the employment address and thus compare without calling first the possibility of going to them easily.

What are the requirements to work in San Francisco?

Jobs for Hispanics in San Francisco, California– To work in this city as a Hispanic, it is necessary to have our valid passport.

Among the requirements to work in San Francisco we have the following:

  • Residence permit.
  • renewed visa.

With these two requirements then it will be possible to easily find a job in san francisco In addition, it is one of the most flexible cities in terms of this type of document to consign to start working soon.

The highest paying jobs in San Francisco and the easiest to get

Jobs for Hispanics in San Francisco, California– The computer business is one of the highest paying in San Francisco.

This great city has some of the best salaries in the entire United States, taking this into account, we see how jobs in the technology sector are the ones with the best amount of money to give to their employees, however there are others that are worth it for their ease and good pay

  1. Computing: It is the highest paying industry in San Francisco and often charges upwards of $50 per hour.
  2. Construction: Construction earns quite well, about $25 an hour.
  3. Driver: Although it may not seem like it, they can take up to $30 for each hour of work.

Top Companies That Are Hiring Staff

The best companies that hire employees in San Francisco are from the technology sector and it is convenient to know which are:


The global giant is based in San Francisco and they have options for computer scientists, designers and even public relations.


In slack there is an important opportunity in engineering and also as an industrial relations officer.


they hire Hispanic staff and especially if they are designers, chefs and programmers.

How to work without knowing English and what jobs are available?

– If you are not completely fluent in English, being a taxi driver is a good job to start.

Yeah English is not known in San Francisco doesn’t mean you won’t get a job either, which is why we have some of these jobs here:

  1. Electricians.
  2. Cleaning.
  3. Drivers.
  4. carpenters.
  5. ATMs.
  6. Elderly care.
  7. guards.
  8. Hostelry.

These jobs will provide a good job opportunity where a high level of English is not needed, nor is direct contact with people at all times.

The best companies to work for in San Francisco

The companies that are looking for workers the most are one thing and the best companies in San Francisco are another. Here we will give you some of the best for all kinds of positive parameters:


It has a reputation, very high salaries and special treatment with each worker.

Gap Inc

Large company that designs jeans for the entire United States and the world. They have many job offers and payment to the worker.


The most famous and that doubles salaries more than any other company.


This company is in charge of offering freelance work as well as unusual but well-paid jobs throughout this city.

How much is the pay for working with or without documents in San Francisco?

– Normal pay in San Francisco is around $15 an hour and it doesn’t make a difference between having or not having documents.

Working in San Francisco with or without documents really means that you work or not, but the salary essentially remains the same. Therefore, it was established in the last count that each employee in the average jobs gets to earn up to $15 per hour.

Logically, you will have a higher salary depending on the position and company where you work.

What happens if I get sick or can’t go to work, do I get paid my money?

– If you are sick, you must justify your absence with a medical excuse.

As in the entire United States, through medical leave you can obtain money for the working day in case of presenting any illness. Although this is uncertain in informal jobs where not everyone gets to pay.

In most jobs in this city, this type of remuneration is applied in case of presenting any illness.

Advantages and disadvantages of working in San Francisco


  • Many people speak Spanish in San Francisco.
  • Salaries are usually very high.
  • There is a very high demand for work.


  • Life is very expensive.
  • The technology market is saturated.
  • Transportation is really bad.

Work hours and how much is the pay in San Francisco

In San Francisco they usually have a schedule between 9 am and 6 pm as in most of the United States. The pay, on the other hand, will be $15 per hour, although depending on the job, you can get up to $50.

How to get urgent financial aid in San Francisco

If you are in a limit situation, you can always count on these aids to find work in San Francisco:

  2. USA Jobs
  3. Indeed

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