The 12 Best Restaurants in Orange, California

The best restaurants in Orange, California They are those that offer you excellent services and have an excellent menu available. If you live in this city in California, I recommend that you continue reading this article.

You will really like the restaurants that you will see below, you must visit one of them if you want a quality restaurant.

The 12 Best Restaurants in Orange, California

12. Ramos House Cafe

For people who are looking for a cafe restaurant, with rustic decorations, they have to visit Ramos House CafeThey provide really nutritious food, the menu has Wild Mushroom Mac & Cheese and Dungeness Crab Louie Avocado which are dishes you must try even once.

11.Fable & Spirit

The 12 Best Restaurants in Orange, California

In Fable & Spirit you will get the most varied dishes and that have affordable prices, the meals that are in Fable & Spirit are baked octopus or smoked short rib with potatoes.

10.Poppy & Seed

Poppy & Seed is a garden concept restaurant, they have small plates inspired by local orange ingredientsIt has a menu with various options that you may like, such as Squash Blossoms, Lobster Risotto, among others.

In addition to having food dishes, it has an excellent variety of liquor, if you want good cocktails, Poppy & Seed has it for you.

9. Istanbul Grill

If you are looking for Turkish food in Orange then Istanbul Grill can offer you what you are looking forin this restaurant you can enjoy all the specialty you want from Turkish cuisine, its best dishes are baklava, keskul and for dessert you have almond pudding.

It should be noted that not only does it have excellent Turkish dishes, but they also provide you with excellent service, the employees comply with what the customers request.

8. SOL Mexican Kitchen

The 12 Best Restaurants in Orange, California

Thanks to the fact that it is quite famous in Mexican dishesIf you like Mexican food, without a doubt, you should visit SOL Mexican Cocina, they have specific days where they offer you a certain type of dish, such as taco and tequila Tuesdays.

The prices at SOL Mexican Cocina are quite good, they offer a good menu at an affordable price.

7. A&O Restaurant Bar

This restaurant has a great view of the sea, you can see the sailboats and eat a great meal at the same time, A&O Restaurant Bar offers customers one of the best dining experiences, great dishes and with some cocktails that you may like.

6. The Recess Room

The 12 Best Restaurants in Orange, California

The Recess Room has the best American dishes available, on the menu you can find great meals, for example they have Baked Fromage Blanc and also Jumbo Tiger ShrimpIn the same way they have alcoholic beverages so you can accompany it.

5.ARC Restaurant

ARC Restaurant offers customers wood-fired grills, the meats they have can fully taste you, if you want a good smoked flavor this is definitely your place.

You can get the best meatballs or charred bacon at ARC Restaurant, the menu of this restaurant will leave you speechless.

4. Taco Maria

Taco María is much more than a taco shop, apart from getting a lot of tacos you can get other great dishes of Mexican cuisine, this restaurant is one of the best for those who want to buy Mexican food.

Among the menu you can find pork chops, grilled chops, you can accompany it with chorizo, bacon or cabbage, you can make great combinations.

3. Vua Bun Bo Cali

Vua Bun Bo Cali is one of the best restaurants with Vietnamese foodif you want to expand your culinary tastes you must go to this restaurant, the menu you can get great Vietnamese dishes.

Among the menu you will see the popular dish Bahn mi no kho, in case you don’t know this is a beef stew accompanied by French breads.

The only negative thing that you will see in Vua Bun Bo Cali does not have a menu as extensive as other restaurants, however it is one of the best restaurants in Orange.


Watertable is a great option if you are looking for good breakfasts thanks to its large number of dining rooms, at Watertable you will see the best local dishes on the menu along with excellent juices, a little bit of everything.

1. Vine Restaurant & Bar

Vine Restaurant & Bar is one of the best restaurants in Orangeon their menu they offer an excellent variety in all their dishes, if you want crispy wings Vine Restaurant & Bar offers you the best wings such as Meyer Lemon and Honey Duck, best of all, you can combine them with French fries.

Not only does it have this but it also has the best wines you can find in Orange, Vine Restaurant & Bar can give you great culinary surprises.

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