The 14 Best Unemployment Offices in Florida!

Do you want to know the best unemployment offices in Florida? Then continue reading the lines below that we have arranged for you, so that you can locate them and go to make your claims, clarify doubts or request help.

What are the best unemployment offices in Florida?

In Florida there is a special insurance for those people who are in a state of unemployment for just cause, to proceed with your request it is necessary that you go to any of the offices, which we will describe below:

1.- Escambia

In the case of the town of Escambia, the citizen assistance office in case of unemployment is located on North Century Boulevard.

2.- Okaloosa

If you live in the town of Okaloosa, you can use the office located on Racetrack Road, off Walton Beach Avenue.

3.- Blountstown

For those who live or work in Blountstown, we point out that the unemployment office is located on Northeast Pear Street.

4.- Panama City

In the city of Panama City, the federal agency in charge of handling applications and requirements on the occasion of unemployment is located on Highway street.

5.- Quincy

If you have a job in Quincy or this is your place of residence, then you must know the location of the unemployment assistance office is located on Clark Street.

6.- Live Oak

For the city of Live Oak, we point out that the office that has staff to attend to everything related to unemployment causes is located on North Ohio Avenue.

7.- Lake City

In the case of the city of Lake, the unemployment office can be found on Highway.

8.- Jacksonville

For the Jacksonville community, who wants to carry out their procedures on the occasion of unemployment, we inform you that the office is on Norwood Avenue.

9.- Gainesville

In the Gainesville community, all unemployment filings can be done on 13th Street.

10.- Ocala

If you are in Ocala we indicate that the office can be located on 14th street.

11.- Daytona Beach

As for the Daytona Beach community, we point out that the citizen service office for everything related to unemployment can be located on Boulevard France.

12.- Orlando

For the citizens of Orlando, we point out that the unemployment office is located on East Colonial Drive.

13.- Titusville

If you are located in the city of Titusville, we indicate that the office is located on South Washington Avenue.

14.- Department of Economic Opportunities

The Department of Economic Opportunity, which is the central office for Florida, is at your disposal at the next street, East Madison Street with Caldwell Building Tallahassee.

As you can see, you have different offices in the territory of Florida, to process your unemployment applications, however, we point out that in this State, the program is known as Reemployment assistance, where you have a sure until they help you relocate to a new job.

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