The 15 Best Unemployment Offices in California!

Looking for the best unemployment offices in California? Then you have found the ideal post, here we will point out the best offices so that you can carry out your procedures, with the purpose of being able to be attended in your layoff or liquidation process and thus clarify all your doubts.

What are the best unemployment offices in California?

If you are in California, it is important that you know the unemployment offices, so that you can have a friendly hand in case of unfair dismissals or adverse situations that prevent you from working, we will mention them below.

1.- Crescent City

This unit is located in Crescent City, more precisely in Main Street Suite B and they have employees at your service to clarify and solve each and every one of your doubts, in the same way, it has the following contact number 707-464-8347.

2.- Yreka

In the Yreka entity, there is another unemployment service office, where you can process your applications, you can find it exactly on South Main Street.

3.- Weed

If you are in the city of Weed, then you can go to this unit, its most accurate address is Boles Street.

4.- Heights

In that city, called Alturas, you can locate another office, whose address is North Main Street.

5.- Mckinleyville

In Mckinleyville, the other unit for citizen assistance in case of unemployment is available, its current location resides on McKinleyville Avenue.

6.- Weaverville

In said entity, Weaverville, you can locate another office, which is more exactly available on B Glen Road.

7.- Saint Raphael

And in the city of San Rafael, the unit is located on North Redwood Road.

As you can appreciate, we have mentioned all the citizen assistance offices in case of unemployment in California, so that you can be sure that here you will find the information you need so much to cope with your applications and claims.

8.- Susanville

In the city of Susanville, there is a room for the unemployed, on Chestnut Street.

9.- Fort Bragg

In the city of Fort Bragg, you can locate the facility near East Redwood Avenue.

10.- Orlando

The other unemployment office is located in Orland, on East Walker Street.

11.- Boy

In the province of Chico, you can locate an office near you, on Carmichael Drive

12.- Oroville

In the city of Oroville, you can find another office on Baldwin Avenue at number 2348 today.

13.- Grass Valley

In the Grass Valley area, you can find the unit whose exact address is on Maltman Drive.

14.- State of California Department of Employment Development

Let’s start with the main office of this city, which is the Department of Employment Development of the State of California, with precise location in Sacramento, their contact telephone numbers are 833-978-2511 and 866-333-4606.

15.- The Baths

If you are located in Los Banos, you can go to 7th Street, where the federal agency is located for the reception of applications and claims in case of dismissal and unemployment.

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