The 4 Best Free Veterinarians in Florida!

The best free vets in Florida They are a bit difficult to find, since trying to find a quality vet that is also free is tedious. However, it is not impossible, and since we know that you want and need to know the vets that can give your pet first-class care.

So that both you and your pet have an option in case of an emergency, either due to not having enough money to pay for the procedure or due to other problems; The important thing here is that both of them are safe and that the little one is cared for by professionals when needed.

What are the best free vets in Florida?

There are few veterinarians who are in charge of working constantly and without pay, but those who do are undoubtedly dedicated, and the places that we will tell you next are where the best free veterinarians in Florida are.

1.- The Wellness on Wheels (WOW)

The 4 Best Free Veterinarians in Florida!

It is a free mobile veterinary clinic that was born by the association between Miami-Dade Animal Services and Friends of Miami Animal Foundation. It was created in order to help the pets of those people who do not have enough money to go to a paid consultation, so that each animal continues to have the well-being and health it deserves.

WOW Mobile is fully equipped to provide routine medical care for owned dogs and cats. The services they offer are: physical exams, vaccinations and wellness boosters, heartworm detection, deworming, heartworm and flea prevention.

It is located in Miami, Florida; and one of its points of attention is: Robbie’s Feed & Supply 22390 SW 177th Ave, Miami, FL.

2.- American Coalition Of Tampa

American Coalition Of Tampa is an organization that watches over the health and welfare of animals; is affiliated with several Tampa veterinarians who perform major procedures for cats and dogs, all at no cost, with the sole goal of helping as many pets as possible.

These procedures are: sterilization and neutering for dogs and cats and vaccination days, it is well known that all of these are very important for the health of our pets, since they prevent deadly diseases for them. He is located in Tampa, Florida, and works with a highly qualified group of veterinarians.

3.- Animal Emergency Hospital of St. John’s

The 4 Best Free Veterinarians in Florida!

Animal Emergency Hospital of St. John’s is an emergency hospital for animals whose mission is to protect the welfare of those who cannot afford to go to a paid veterinarian. It consists of a team of very capable veterinarians who are committed to your pet so that they live as healthy as possible. We are talking about a hospital with free or low-cost procedures, which has very good veterinarians.

Its services are free sterilization and castration, and prevention of parasites; It also has vaccination days for your pets, and many other procedures. Without a doubt, a very good option for those who need it. It is located in St. Augustine,

4.- First Coast No More Homeless Pets, Inc.

Foundation that has an association with different clinics throughout Jacksonville, with the sole purpose of helping and being there in any emergency that a person and their pet have. In addition to that, we must mention that those clinics and hospitals that are associated with this foundation have first-class veterinarians, very well trained to care for your pet in any type of emergency or need, First Coast No More Homeless Pets, Inc assisting them in a monetary so that you can acquire them for free.

Among its services are: sterilization and neutering of pets, vaccination and deworming of dogs and cats. All procedures are carried out by the best veterinarians. Finally, it should be mentioned that it helps to access the veterinary medical care that your pet needs. Located in Jacksonville, Florida.

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