Top 7 FREE Veterinarians in New Mexico!

The Best Free Veterinarians in New Mexico Maybe they are not so easy to find since there are many free vets that offer a bad service. However, the ones you will see in this article are the best you can find in New Mexico.

These veterinarians provide patients with very good services in terms of care, examinations, diagnoses and much more.

What are the best free vets in New Mexico?

If you live in New Mexico and need to go to a vet but don’t have the money to pay for it, then keep reading the article. Below we will show you a list of the best free veterinarians in New Mexico.

1.- Aztec Animal Clinic

Top 7 FREE Veterinarians in New Mexico!

The first on the list is for the Aztec Animal Clinic, they are located in Albuquerque and it is a clinic with a lot of experience. They have highly knowledgeable vets and also technical vets who correctly use the technological equipment when necessary.

Among the services we can highlight that they have a microchip, dental care, behavior analysis, counseling, disease prevention, ultrasound surgeries, radiology and much more.

2.- Academy Pet Hospital

Academy Pet Hospital is a hospital clinic that takes care of dogs, cats and also exotic animals. You can find different services such as anesthesia, microchip, dentistry, pain management, castration, sterilization, surgeries, etc.

Being a free veterinary clinic, they are associated with different non-profit animal care organizations. This is one of the reasons why the place is usually full of patients.

3.- Petroglyph Animal Hospital

Top 7 FREE Veterinarians in New Mexico!

One of the most experienced veterinary clinics in New Mexico is Petroglyph Animal Hospital, they have a quality service that is active 24 hours a day.. Here they can help your pet with any problem it may have without having to wait until they are open.

Part of their services are general pet care, orthopedic or laparoscopic surgeries, pain control, x-rays, and more.

Petroglyph Animal Hospital is one of the most reliable veterinary clinics in all of New Mexico, so you should not hesitate at any time to resort to its services.

4.- My Southwest Vet

My Southwest Vet takes care of different kinds of pets such as cats, dogs, birds, fish, reptiles and much more.. In this place they offer pets general care, health well-being, cosmetic surgeries, dentistry, care for old pets and internal medicine.

All the patients who have resorted to the services of My Southwest Vet can assure you that everything is of quality and will tell you that customer service is one of their positive aspects. Its workers in general are quite attentive and dedicated to each client they have to serve.

5.- Manzano Animal Clinic

Manzano Animal Clinic is another quality veterinary clinic that you can go to at any time, the service of this place is quite complete. Here they offer services such as examinations, surgeries for parasites, microchipping, dental service, ultrasound, disease prevention, and pet consultations.

You can ask people who have come to this place how the Manzano Animal Clinic services are and they will tell you that everything is very good. The opinions support all the good service that Manzano Animal Clinic offers to all customers.

6.- The Cave Animal Hospital

The facilities at La Cueva Animal Hospital are some of the best you could find in New Mexico.. In this place there is a great variety such as a pharmacy, surgery room, X-ray rooms, kennels, among others.

One aspect to take into account at La Cueva Animal Hospital is that it has emergency services. In addition, it offers a general service for pets, exams, radiology, cardiology.

As mentioned, this veterinary clinic has a pharmacy from which it has different products for pets such as shampoo, flea and tick control products and more.

7.- ABQ Mobile Vet

ABQ Mobile Vet has a particularity since it has a home service, that’s right, you only have to call them in case you need your pet to be attended to. They can do it from the comfort of your home and you don’t have to go to the place.

They do a checkup on your pet so that they can know what the process to follow is.

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