The 5 Best Pawn Shops in California!

The state of California has stood out for many years for being a great source of tourism for the United States.. This of course has generated a proliferation of pawnshops that serve both tourists and their own residents. Meet the 5 best pawn shops in California!

In this article we are going to show you exactly which are its five best pawnshops. You will be able to know everything that has to do with them and others, so take a pencil and paper.

What are the top 5 pawn shops in California?

Now, it is time to review the best pawn shops in California. Below is a list with all of them, you cannot miss them.

1.- Goldexico Pawn Shop & Gold Exchange

The 5 Best Pawn Shops in California!

We have to highlight Goldexico Pawn Shop & Gold Exchange as one of the best, because it has a series of very attractive attributes for all kinds of people. First of all, it has exceptional service for the Latino and American public.

Also, in the same way, it is located in Huntington Park and has a schedule from 9 in the morning and usually works above 6 in the afternoon. It is located in Los Angeles and has been characterized by having a good number of quality products for both men and women..

From brands like Chanel through a quality commitment to all people who are in need of pawning any of their products.

2.- A Plus A Pawn Shop

The 5 Best Pawn Shops in California!

Another of the best is located in the city of Los Angeles and is called A Plus A Pawn Shop. This pawnshop really has a large and attractive stock for its customers, ranging from guitars to jewelry from world-renowned brands.

Its exact address is at 186 S Alvarado St and it opens from 8 in the morning. Your contact phone number is +1 213-484-5414. On the other hand, technology products have also been included in recent years, especially those of the Apple brand, in this pawnshop.

Their dedication for more than twenty years has made this pawnshop one of the most sophisticated in all of Los Angeles and California in general.

3.- Express Pawn Shop & Money Exchange

Very well, one of the most popular in San Isidro is nothing more and nothing less than Express Pawn Shop & Money Exchange. This pawnshop is specifically located at 390 E San Isidor Blvd. Its businesses include all kinds of businesses and that of course represents valuable help for those who want to buy and even pawn.

A curious fact is that this pawn shop has the world famous LG as one of its fundamental sales pillars. It is not uncommon to find this brand behind its showcases when you enter.

Regarding this, in this pawn shop they usually open from 8 in the morning and to get in touch with them, just call +1 619-428-1800.

4.- Monte de Piedad Pawn Shop

It may not be as well known as the first three, but Monte de Piedad Pawn Shop is a pawn shop that is often among the best in California for sublime service. They usually open their doors at 9 in the morning.

This pawn shop in California looks more like a casino due to its ostentatious structure and the neatness of its services must be in keeping with its headquarters. Monte de Piedad, as it is often called in the city of National City, has a rating of up to five stars in numerous analyzes about its levels of quality offered.

Also, they usually work from Monday to Sunday, giving a good opportunity for all their clients to get to them quite easily.

5.- LA Pawn Shop

One of the largest pawn shops in all of Los Angeles is the LA Pawn Shop, which at the same time has a quality service and the best privacy involved. This pawnshop is the most recommended for when you want to buy luxury items in perfect condition.

Unlike the other pawnshops, the LA Pawn Shop opens its doors at 10:30 in the morning and can be found at 4119 Beverly Blvd. Their contact telephone number is +1 323-913-0393 and they serve until 8 pm

At LA Pawn Shop they are also in charge of offering very good interest rates, making both the client and themselves win or win without a doubt. Visiting them is a great adventure for sales.

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