Top 5 FREE Veterinarians in California!

The best free vets in California that we are going to show you below are the ones who will be able to offer you and give you the greatest comfort and safety when it comes to caring for your pet. In addition, they will give you the possibility to treat it at no cost.

And it is that, we know that at the time of an emergency you have to have a veterinarian that guarantees your well-being. As well as quality care that is within our reach. Because consultation costs can currently be high, they do not have to limit us when it comes to wanting to help and care for our sick pet.

What are the best free vets in California?

As we mentioned before, we know that our pet and its health are a priority. For this reason, we must have options at our disposal that allow us to help them, for the same reason, here are the best free veterinarians in California.

1.- Friends of Oakland Animal Services

Top 5 FREE Veterinarians in California!

Friends of Oakland Animal Services This veterinary group is completely free, therefore it does not offer all services in the veterinary field. However, they are in charge of offering pets and their owners services such as: sterilization and neutering for dogs and cats.

And it is that, procedures such as sterilization are extremely advantageous and good for our female pets, since it helps prevent breast cancer, and urinary infections, the first being 50% fatal for dogs and 90% for cats. . But in addition to this, they are in charge of doing general check-ups. And they are located in Oakland, California.

2.- Furry Friends Food Relief Program

Furry Friends Food Relief Program is a veterinary group that is responsible for offering people and their pets free veterinary help, with great care and kindness. Its services range from donating food to people who do not have to pay for itto medical procedures such as: general check-ups, spaying and neutering for pets, located in Contra Costa County and surroundings.

It is located in San Francisco, California, and is known for its availability to those in need. In addition to the veterinarians, its workers are all volunteers trained in the care and care of pets, so their safety is guaranteed.

3.- Front Street Shelter

Top 5 FREE Veterinarians in California!

Front Street Shelter is a free vaccination clinic available for the pets of low-income Sacramento residents. Although its free services only include pet vaccination, We must not forget that these are extremely essential for the health of animals.

Also, this clinic has trained veterinarians for both vaccination and many other procedures. These procedures, although they are not free, remain very low in cost so that they continue to be available to all people, but above all, to those who really need it. It is located in Sacramento, California.

4.- The ASPCA

The APSCA is a clinic that provides free, high-quality spay and neuter surgeries for dogs and cats in South Los Angeles. This place has first-class, trained and professional veterinarians who will be able to treat your pet as it deserves. In addition to this, they are also characterized by being kind and understanding with people and patients.

In addition to dogs and cats, they also accept rabbits for these procedures, but they must be informed in advance. Surgical procedures are responsible for performing other post-surgery such as: FVRCP vaccine for cats, DA2PP vaccine for dogs, rabies vaccine, electronic collar or cone (so that the animal does not lick the wound) and nail clipping. It is located in Los Angeles, California.

5.- The Sam Simon Foundation

The Sam Simon Foundation is not a clinic or hospital per se, but rather a foundation, working with a group of trained and professional veterinarians. They offer free surgeries for non-orthopedic procedures, free operations for spaying and neutering. In addition to vaccination days, flea treatments, deworming and delivery of antibiotics.

All these procedures are very common and very necessary at the time of an emergency, even so, the most important thing is that they do all of this with quality and with the attention and care that a sick pet requires. They are located in Los Angeles, California.

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