Top 5 SPANISH-speaking Dermatologists in California!

Spanish-speaking dermatologists in California can be numerousThis is due to the number of Spanish speakers residing in this state.

However, not all of them are usually known, this being a fact that is counterproductive for all Hispanics who live here, either because they still do not fully master English or because they would simply feel more comfortable being attended by someone who speak your mother tongue.

Let’s remember that when choosing our doctor, it is important to be sure that the results will be satisfactory, but also to feel safe and comfortable with him or her, since they will have our health in their hands.

What are the best Spanish speaking dermatologists in California?

In addition to the above, we have to remember the fact that California is a sunny state, therefore skin care is very important. Meet the Spanish-speaking dermatologists in California:

1.- Dr. Leopoldo G. Hernández, MD, Inc.

Top 5 SPANISH-speaking Dermatologists in California!

We have Leopoldo Hernández, who resides and treats in Los Angeles, California; Since 1982, he has been in charge of offering his patients an accurate diagnosis, as well as satisfactory results that make his patients stay with him once they attend his consultations. We are talking about a doctor with decades of experience and recognition in his city and surroundings. ; but above all, he is Spanish-speaking, therefore he not only guarantees results but also ease of communication.

The conditions he treats the most are: skin cancer and excision; however, with his 44 years of experience, he is sure that he can go to a consultation for any other condition that needs diagnosis or treatment.

His office is located at: 3406, Whittier Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90023.

2.- Dr. Linda Woodson

She is a certified dermatologist since 1994, making a name for herself through the efficacy of her treatments; Likewise, she has a practice called “Linda Woodson dermatology” (LWD) located in Las Vegas, California, where she has state-of-the-art technology and first-rate specialists. Highly recognized in her field and in the state where she works, she is one of the quintessential dermatologists, speaking not only English, but also fluent in Spanish.

They specialize in state-of-the-art anti-aging treatments, striving to offer their patients quality work, earning their trust and demonstrating their professionalism. But they do not only offer these treatments, among their other services are: Medical dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, skin products, liposuction and trusculpt.

3.- Dr. Joanna Chan

Top 5 SPANISH-speaking Dermatologists in California!

Dr. Joanna Chan is a board-certified dermatologist with top-notch treatments, her goal being extremely natural-looking results using advanced, non-invasive procedures with great technique.

Dr. Chan graduated magna cum laude in biochemical sciences from Harvard University and completed her medical degree from Stanford Medical School; In addition, she has repeatedly received numerous awards, one of which was the “Doctor’s Choice Award.”

We are talking about a highly trained specialist to meet your needs and who, in addition to speaking Mandarin, English and Taiwanese, also knows how to speak Spanish. Her services are: chemical peels, cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic eyelid surgery, laser surgery, leg vein treatment, Mohs surgery, among many others.

Located in: Los Angeles, California. 1127 Wilshire Boulevard, suite 600.

Located in: Pasadena, California. 10 Congress Street, Suite 320.

4.- Dr. Anabella Pascucci

A native of Argentina and a graduate of UC Davis, she is board certified in dermatology. Dr. Pascucci has been trained in all areas of skin care.

Likewise, he speaks Spanish fluently, which not only guarantees quality but also comfort. Being a specialist who excelled in the university, she is a Magna Cum Laude with honors and in her residence, she being chief resident; we can say that there is no doubt of her knowledge.

To highlight, we have that her treatments have extremely positive results, and that she also has a highly trained team, just like her. A doctor who dedicates time and effort to her patients.

Located at: 2780 Skypark Drive, Suite 110. Torrance, California.

5.- Dr. Sabrina G. Fabi

Dr. Fabi is originally from Chicago and is a trainer, author, and medical correspondent for Fox5 News San Diego. She is a nationally and internationally recognized dermatologist, a leader in her specialization, plus the fact that she is a board-recognized dermatologist, she also holds the title of Dermatologic Cosmetic Surgeon, and just to add to that, she is also a Clinical Professor at the University of Calif., San Diego.

Author of more than 100 medical articles and co-author of more than 20 book chapters on a variety of topics, Dr. Fabi specializes in clinical studies of injection, laser, and sclerotherapy. But because of her experience, which is very extensive, she has the ability to treat any condition within the dermatological field.

It is located at: 9339 Genesee Ave Suite 300. San Diego, California.

Dermatologists help you maintain the health of your face, it is important that you look for the best professionals like the ones mentioned in this list. Keep in mind that health is fundamental to the life of any human being.

There are many Spanish-speaking dermatologists in Illinois, even so, the four that we mentioned are the best, and with whom you will be safe when treating your conditions and when communicating; think no more, and choose one of them.

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