What is a Virtual Card and How to Get One?

Currently there are virtual cards that allow you to receive payments and make purchases via the internet, although for many people it is inconsistent to get a virtual card and for others it is logical. Without a doubt, these new modalities have been created with the intention of making our lives much easier and simpler.

If you are one of those many people who want to obtain a virtual card, here we will show you what you will need and where you should go.

What is a virtual card?

The virtual card is a copy of the physical card, you can store it on your mobile. The virtual card has the same data as your physical card (card number, expiration date and CVV), it can be used on Apple play and also on Google play.

How to get a virtual card?

To obtain a virtual card, you must meet several important requirements. In the United States there are banks that provide digital cards through which you can make purchases anywhere you are.

1.US Unlocked

What is a Virtual Card and How to Get One?

To request a virtual card you must first register and comply with the data required, You can apply for this card anywhere you are.

2.Ally Bank

It is a bank account in the United States that offers virtual cards in a period of time. It offers the best options for users, it allows you to choose what type of account you want it to be (Current and Savings). This page also provides excellent customer support.

3. Discover Bank

What is a Virtual Card and How to Get One?

The online bank Dioscover Bank is also one of the best banks in the United States, is highly recommended for all those people who want to obtain a virtual card and not only that, they also offer checking, savings account, money market, CD account. It has a minimum balance requirement of $2,500.

4.Charles Schwab

It is an American bank that has turned out to be attractive to global travelers because it allows you to request a virtual card. On the checking account of this website it generates interest, also limited refunds at ATMs inside and outside the United States.

The best thing about this bank is that it does not have transaction charges for foreign currency. To obtain a virtual card you must open a checking account and be able to apply for a virtual card. With this option you will avoid having monthly fees abroad.

5. Alliant Credit Union

This banking company offers a virtual card, it is the best for American students under 18 years of age. Once they enter the adult stage, they can choose the account that best suits their needs. The company offers checks for students, whose checks earn interest, which means they can save.

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