The most popular banks in the USA according to each state

In the United States, there are many banking entities, whose main function is to help their clients maintain control over their financial status. Each of them has mechanisms, which can be quite beneficial. In this article, we will share a short list of the most popular banks in the USA.according to each state, so that you can choose one, if you require it.

It should be noted that in most of these entities, It is required to meet a series of minimum requirements to open an account. Mostly, these requirements have to do with documentation, which must be fully endorsed by the US authorities.

In each state, the popularity of these banks differs according to the operation, the venues they have and other factors that arouse the interest of users. Next, we present a brief list of the most popular options that you can get in each state.

The most popular banks in the USA according to each state

1.- California

The most popular banks in the USA according to each state

California is one of the states where you can find a large number of banking entities, which provide services that are quite useful. ANDAmong the most popular are the following:

–Wells Fargo.

–Zions Banks.

–Bank of the West.

–CIT Bank.

2.- Colorado

The most popular banks in the USA according to each state

In Colorado, too there is a great variety regarding banking institutions. Among the most popular, due to the multiple benefits they provide to their customers, are the following:

–Chase Bank.

–US Bank.

–Wells Fargo.

–Bank Of The West.

–First Bank.

3.- Florida

The most popular banks in the USA according to each state

This state is one of the most popular, not only for North Americans, but also for tourists visiting from many other countries. Because of this, –In said territory there are many options in terms of banking entities, to carry out financial transactions. Among the banks that have gained the most popularity in Florida are the following:


–CIT Bank.

–BAC Florida Bank eBank.

–Wells Fargo.

4.- Washington

Washington is one of the most populous states in the USA. In addition, it is one of those with the largest number of banking entities, both subsidiaries of national banks and some that belong to said state only. Here is a list of the best known:

–Bank of America.

–Wells Fargo Bank.

-World Bank.

–Adams National Bank.

–Banner Bank.


The state of Michigan should also be mentioned in this list, since excellent banking services can be found in that location. Among the entities that are in that state, there are those that will be mentioned below:

–Huntington Bank.

–Comerica Bank.

–PNC Bank.

–Bank of America.

–Independent Bank.

The listed banks have hundreds of branches

One of the main reasons why these banks are very popular has to do with the number of branches they have, in each of the aforementioned states. In some cases, the listed banks have 100 to 600 branches in only one state, which considerably facilitates the processes of opening accounts and other types of commercial transactions.

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