Apply for the American J1 visa steps to get it

USA proposes various exchange programs every year, where you can apply for your J1 visa, for a certain time. Thanks to these plans, I can say that this great nation offers multiple characters the opportunity to be in the countrywhile doing the activity of your choice.

It does not matter if you want to process your visa, for tourism, business or studiesin the United States, you can count on a simple procedure, as long as you comply with the requirements to apply for the J1 visa.

This program is offered to more than two hundred (200) countries and they plan to continue increasing the list of citizens who can process the J1 visa. Do you want to know how to apply for the J1 visa? Read on to get all the necessary information.

Programs Available for the J1 Visa

The main purpose of the J1 visa was to establish relations with other countries, whose citizens contributed something of value to the country, this visa being determined as an exchange program. Therefore, you must know the J1 visa types.

In this article I want to give you a complete guidewith detailed information about what J1 visa programs you can request.

  1. Academic program visa

This J1 visa type It is aimed at teachers and students who carry out research, providing them with the alternative to execute your projects for a short period of six (6) months.

  1. Work visa

If you are a student and want to work for a short time in USA, this visa is also for you. Can apply for your J1 visa for the summer and spring seasons.

  1. Camp Counselor Visa

If you are eighteen (18) years of age, you may apply for your J1 visa as a camp counselor, where you will fulfill the role of teacher, or supervisor in summer camps.

  1. Exchange Visa for High Schools or High Schools

This is a exchange program where students of the levels, high school or secondary, can request the J1 visato pursue their studies in a public or private institution, under the supervision of a prodigal family.

  1. Visa Au Pair program

Is J1 visa It is aimed at young people from eighteen (18) to twenty-six (26) years old, who travel to USAto study, or work on the condition of caring for and helping their host family with various tasks.

How can I apply for the J1 visa?

This is a rigorous question. Since, it is necessary to know step by step how you can apply for your visa. Meet here the requirements to apply for the J1 visa.

  • Certificate of eligibility.
  • Form DS-2019.
  • International health insurance.
  • Valid passport.
  • Visa fees paid.
  • DS-160 visa format.
  • Documents required by the nearest American Embassy.

What steps should I follow to apply for my J1 visa?

Take note of these steps that you must follow in order to process the J1 visa.

  1. First of all, you must select the reason for your trip to the United States. That is, you must select your special J1 visa program.
  2. Therefore, you must look for and it is really mandatory, to get an American sponsor, who is in charge of processing and filling out your forms at the Embassy.
  3. Once you have obtained and filled out the DS-2019 form, you can proceed to apply for your visa using the DS-160 form. Remember to make the corresponding payments before your visa application.

An advice that you should take when apply for your J1 visais: Don’t lie with the information! Your situation at the embassy can really become complicated if you dare to lie with the information requested. Be honest above all! Bring all your documentation up to date and in order to avoid postponing the visa appointment.

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