Getting a job at NASA: Guide and processes

Are you interested in the idea of ​​contributing scientific knowledge about outer space? If you are passionate about the stars and celestial bodies, you may get a job at NASA be for you Perhaps it is your illusion since childhood, and here we will tell you how to achieve that goal. From what to study to how to send your resume, don’t miss every detail.

Ideal university studies to get a job at NASA

At NASA, space programs are studied and developed for the investigation of sciences such as aeronautics and astronautics. Jobs are plentiful here, but it is necessary to have the necessary educational background to be admitted. Some of the most requested careers are:

  • Engineering (Mechanics, electronics, meteorology, computer science and other sciences)
  • Physicians and healthcare technicians or assistants: one of the most indispensable because of the various health risks involved with working on the international space station.
  • Secretaries and office assistants: A necessary complement to maintain the order of the agenda of those who are dedicated to research and make discoveries.
  • Administration: NASA has thousands of employees, so it’s important to keep your accounting management as up-to-date as possible.

There are many possibilities for those who want to undertake scientific projects that could not be carried out in a conventional agency. Of course, an important requirement to work at any of the NASA plants is to have a good command of English. You can learn a second language easily with this app.

Aspects that you should take into account if you want to work at NASA

Aspects that you should take into account if you want

If you are trying to get a job at NASA, you need to know these facts to prepare yourself well:

Before making a request to apply to an available job at NASA, you must have valid US visa. Thus you will be allowed access to the country at the time you become selected. You can manage the documentation with the United States Immigration Department.

The selection process usually takes a long time. That is why it is important to renew the documents as many times as necessary, before they expire.

How to present your resume to get a job at NASA

The NASA work environment can span many nations in addition to the United States. That is why it is advisable to familiarize yourself with all the possible fields of application of your career before applying. Your services may be required in other countries and you may have to travel there, so keep this in mind.

However, it is feasible to write a good resume regardless of the position you want to apply for. First of all, must be written in English, and be accompanied by a cover letter. On the other hand, it is a good alternative to attach letters of recommendation (from university professors or previous scientific work).

What do you need to have to get a job at NASA?

Qualities and skills are as important as the profession you practice. Here are some of the requirements you would need to meet to apply for a job at NASA:

  • Knowledge: Collaboration in university projects generates very interesting personal references that can be useful. Also, if you are still a student, remember that NASA professionals are usually graduates of institutions such as MIT and the US Air Force Academy.
  • Motivation: Avant-garde and creativity are prevailing when working at NASA. If you want to work with today’s brightest minds, you need to have a good attitude even before you get the job.
  • Perseverance: Don’t give up because it’s been a few weeks and you don’t get any calls. Remember that this is a government company and the personnel selection processes are usually long and arduous.

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow academically, get a job at NASA and contribute to the contemporary history of humanity.

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